“Sebastian…bring me my Earl Grey tea please, and a scone. No need for dinner tonight.” I demanded my butler as I shuffled my papers and ran my fingers through my short bluish hair.

“Right away, young master.” He replied while bowing down on one knee then walking quickly through the mansion halls.

I sighed while still stroking my hair, accidently knocking my eye patch clean off my face and onto the floor. My hand immediately covered my eye from where the patch had fallen from and I sat there thinking.

“Damn him…how could someone like him make me this confused?” I thought angrily as I clutched my hair and smacked all my papers off my desk.

This man, the one with those poisonous red eyes and that tall dark stance he always seemed to have. Yes, him, the one who wants to devour my soul to the very last bite and think nothing of it the next day. I Ciel Phantomhive have fallen for him. These past two years have pulled us somehow closer. What is it? Is it the contract that makes me feel this way, the symbol that was placed inside my eye upon meeting Sebastian or was it that I truly was falling for my own butler?

“That dream…those thoughts. All of them! Why does it have to always be me?” I thought aloud.

“Is something the matter young master?”  An-oh so familiar voice called out; it was Sebastian.

Calm down; don’t let him see through you. “No. Just. Clean up this mess…please.” I spoke trying to seem normal.

He gave me one of those non-believing looks, “As you wish.” He said while crouching down to pick up the papers and place them neatly back on my desk, all while still holding my tea and scones in his free hand. After finishing he placed the tray in front of me and I began to eat; the food and tea, perfect as always.

“Sebastian, start a hot bath for me, I will be retiring early tonight.” I said before raising my tea cup to my lips and taking a nice long sip.

Sebastian did one of his super sexy smirks of his and bowed once again, “Of course young master, what kind of butler would I be if I couldn’t even give my master a nice warm bath before bed time.” He said with a wink.

A small blush creeped across my cheeks and I looked away defiantly, trying to pretend I didn’t notice. “Hmph, whatever…just have it ready by the time I finish my meal.”  And with that he got up and left.


I hung up my tail coat in my resting area and rolled up my sleeves to get ready to bathe the young master before he retires. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the tub water to the exact perfect temperature. As the bathroom filled with steam and the smell of lavender and roses I prepared everything to the masters liking. I pulled out my pocket watch to check the time.

“Hmm he should be here soon.” I said to myself.

Then guess what short master the cat dragged in; Ciel.

“Is my bath ready Sebastian?” He asked rather rude and impatiently but, being his butler I didn’t react much to it.

“Of course young master, here let me help you.” I said while walking up to him and kneeling down on one knee in front of him, proposing style.

I unbuttoned his jacket then unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his small petit frame. I pushed him down slightly so he fell onto his bottom as I stripped him of his socks and footwear. I glanced up at him to find a blush on his cheeks which made me smirk and poke it with one of my un-gloved hands causing it to grow more.

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