I was in the kitchen cooking dinner for me and my son. It had been 2 years since Chris died and it's been hard especially for our 3 year old son Malik who has to grow up w/out a father. I wiped away tears that were cascading down my face. I heard Malik giggling and talking to someone in the living room I walked in to see Malik sitting in Chris's  recliner ( he would always watch film in that chair) having a full on conversation " hunni who are you talking to" I asked He turned to my and smiled "daddy he told me a joke" My heart stopped "Uhhh baby I don't see him" I choked out "he's right here mommy..." He said pointing into thin air "we have the same eyes" he giggled wait he really doesn't know what Chris looks like( that's another story) "he told me to tell you that he loves you buttercup" my breathing stopped Chris used to call me that because of my bright skin tone "uhmm Sweety come here" i motioned him over to me "yes mommy?" He looked up at me with his big green eyes "what else did he say?" "He told me to take care of you and he'll be watching over us" he said hugging me "ohh... And mommy he told me to give you this"he handed me Chris's favorite ring that we could never find after his death tears were running down my face as I felt a cool breeze against my cheek that felt like lsomeone had kissed me "Always and forever my love " I heard a faint voice in the air Chris always used to tell that "Always and forever"

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