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Chapter 5
"Oh hey Dad," I call noticing my Dad across the hall. "I need to talk to you a second before you head off to football practice."

School had just ended, and Dad doesn't trust the bus. He also doesn't trust that I would go straight home, thus he has decided I must stay on school grounds until he is done with practice, instead of catching a ride with a friend.

Lucky me right? I mean I get to see Luke and Zach and all the other football players. Wrong. Dad also doesn't want me to be around for fear of me distracting him from his work.

As if I actually cared enough to bother him and his precious team.

Dad stops and turns to look at me. Watching as I jogged up to meet him, he let out a soft sigh.

"Alright, what is it?" He looks over at the clock on the wall then back to me, "But make it quick."

Heaven forbid you're late to practice.

I nod, biting down slightly on my lower lip nervously. Here goes nothing. "Can I try out for the cheer team? Kelsey really wants me to and I think it would be a good way to-"


"-make some more friends and plus- wait," I pause, a smile spreading from my lips, "Did you just say yes?"

Dad laughed, nodding his head in confirmation. "Why not? I think it's a good idea for you to become involved in a sport. Besides, then you wouldn't have an excuse not to cheer on the number one high school football team in the state."

I roll my eyes playfully and give my Dad a big hug, "Thank you! I can't wait to go tell Kelsey. She's going to be so excited!"

"You go tell her, I have to get to practice. See you at 5 Lilly."

A small smile leaves his lips before he nodded a goodbye; heading towards the back doors.

The smile on my face grew as I turned on my heel, taking off into a jog towards Kelsey's locker. She promised to meet me there at 3:30 to keep me company until 5.

Kelsey was standing at her locker, back to me.

I walk up to her, a grin on my face. "So guess what?"

She turns to face me, her eyebrows raised. "Did you get a cute guys number?"

A goofy grin spread on her lips as she awaited my response.

"No. Better than some guy, " I say with a laugh. She is such a boy obsessed teenage girl. "My Dad says I can try out for cheer, and he actually thought that it was a good idea!"

Kelsey stops organizing her locker and looks at me, a wide smile plastered to her face. "That's awesome! We can go find Coach Green and get you a try out."

She shoves the rest of her books and folders into her locker messily, shutting the locker in a hurried manner before grabbing my arm. "Come on, lets go talk to coach!"

Casually, she pulls me along down the hallways towards the girls locker room. Not paying attention to me and where I was, I was pulled directly into someones back.

Thanks Kelsey. Guess we both should have been paying a little more attention.

A tall, muscular guy turned around to look at the two of us. His lips curving upward into an amused smile.

As soon as I hit him and Kelsey realized what she had just done, she immediately lets go of me and turns to face the guy.

"Oh my gosh Evan I didn't even notice you were there!" Kelsey laughs. Looking towards me she sighs saying, "Please forgive Lilly, it's not her fault that I was pulling her and not paying attention to her."

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