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*2 hours later*

I was lying in my bed watching tv when someone calling me

"who is it"

"It's Jose"

"Okey come in"

"Hey we need to find some weapons for you so come on"

"But I got my own at home"

"No, we got the newest stuff so come on"

I got up and walked with him until we stopped in front of a door with 3 locks he opened the door and the room was filled with all kinds of weapons I have never seen this many weapons in one place I was shocked

"You like what you see?"

"Wow" that was the only thing I could say

"Just picked what ever you want and we got this suit for you"

"Okay" I picked my favorite guns and knives

When I was done I hade about 4 guns and 3 knives and Jose wanted me to test the suit so I put it on.

When I was done I hade about 4 guns and 3 knives and Jose wanted me to test the suit so I put it on

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"Damn that looks sexy af on you" Jose said and biting his lip

I took a look in the mirror and yes I did look pretty sexy


" Okey now you are ready for anything"

We walked out and he locked the doors.
We continued walking he stopped in the kitchen and saw Olivia and our dogs


"Sandra" she runs toward me and we hugged

"What are you doing here?
I thought you were going to let her go.." I looked at Jose

"I didn't bring her back"

"Sandra when I got home someone was at our house so I call a number that Jose gave me if there was any problems so they took the guy and I went in and to get some clothes and some other near stuff, so for now we have to stay here"

"Okey I'm glad you're okay!"

"Are you cooking?" I added

"Yes do you want to help?"


Jose's pov

I watched them help each other with the food and they were laughing I haven't seen Sandra smile seen she got here, I just wish I could make her smile and happy, maybe one day
I walked away to my office to do some work before the dinner is ready.
I was trying to focus on the work but I couldn't my mind keep drifting away thinking about Sandra, I have never felt this way towards someone I have always just had sex with girls and then leave I don't know what to do.
30 minutes later they call me over because the food was done so we all sit down and starts eating I kept my eyes on Sandra I really want her to be mine.

Sandra's pov

Jose was looking at me and Olivia when we were cooking dinner and then he walked away so I guess he is going to some work I turned to Olivia

"I have a question"

"Yeah what" she smiled at me

"Umm you know when they took you did they do anything to you?"

"No let me explain, so I was at home when someone knocked on our door so I opened it and there was 5 guys and Jose I know exactly who they were so I let them in and he told me if I don't follow him back to his house something bad would happen so I did what I was told and when we got here everyone was so nice to me and I just walked around in the house so I know they did say that they would but they never touched me Jose just want you to join his gang. I don't think he just wanted you to join his gang because you're good at what you do I actually think he really likes you"

"Okey that good!!! I was so worried about you.
You think so?"

"Yes just the way he looks at you is like he would let anything happen to you, I can see the he really likes you!"

"O-okey "

"Do you like him?"

"I'm going to be honest he is really cute and hot! But don't think I like him.. I don't really know him"

"Sandra I know that you don't want to do this gangs stuff but I don't think you will be able to have a normal life because you were born this way and I'm going to tell you this now I know I should have told you earlier but your dad was involved in gangs that way ur family was murdered so you have always been involved in all this"

"What are you joking.."

"Sandra I'm sorry but ur dad told me to never tell you this but you deserve to know the truth"

"It okay it's not ur fault"

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