Chapter 16

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"If that is what you wish,"

"It is."


??? POV~

I watch attentively as Orga, Rogue, Rufus, Sting, and (Y/N) wait for the train to arrive. However, a certain celestial maiden appears to be missing.

Orga is being as obnoxious as usual, Rufus periodically comments on his mannerisms, Rogue and (Y/N) seem to be avidly avoiding each other, and not-so-secretly staring at (Y/N)?!

(Y/N) seems to be oblivious to this, but Sting's exceed, Lector, seems to notice, and he nudges Sting with wide eyes. Despite all the time they've spent together, Lector still cannot decide if Sting is mooning over the mysterious mage or is calculating her next move.

Sting glances down at Lector, weakly smiling. Sadly, Lector recognizes that all-too-familiar expression...the one of stress.

I'm usually not one to fool around ...but currently, I have a strong urge to shove (Y/N) onto Sting just to see their reactions. Previously, she would have laughed merrily...Oh, how I remember how she used to be! Unfortunately, if I went through with this action, I don't think their reactions would be very positive. Therefore, I restrain myself from such irrational actions.

The train's *choo*s becoming increasingly louder (as it nears the train station) interrupt my conjectures. Instead of elaborating on such ridiculous thoughts, I study (Y/N)'s expression; she seems to be almost pensive as she shakes her head and peers into the distance.

"Where's Yukino?" (Y/N) inquires. "She should be here by now."

I smirk. Oh, I know exactly what's going on here.

"Yukino...? I have no memory of her training with us." Rufus states.

"That's because we trained separately, Dufus." (Y/N) replies, growling.

Sting raises an eyebrow with a slightest smile of amusement. Rufus just scoffs at (Y/N).

" really haven't changed, have you, (Y/N)?" I whisper, chuckling to myself.

(Y/N)'s head instantly whips around in my general area when I mention her name, and her eyes scan the area, but she says nothing.

Rogue sighs.

"She does have a point, though. Yukino should be here soon, or she'll miss the train." Rogue adds, agreeing with (Y/N).

As soon as she realized that Rogue agreed with her, (Y/N)'s eyes immediately flit up to meet Rogue's, her gaze oddly tentative. Rogue expertly averts his gaze.

"Why would I care, though? I don't have anything to make of Yukino. If she doesn't want to be timely, then she shouldn't want to be a participant." Rogue elaborates on his belief, a smirk curling his lip. (Y/N)'s face hardens in disapproval. Her mouth opens slightly, but she seems to reconsider retorting, as her mouth closes moments later.

The smallest amount of triumph graces Rogue's expression; he seems to have noticed her looking like a fish.

"What? Are you simply too sensitive to realize that human affection is worthless? You must not understand what type of guild this is, (Y/N). How shameful," Rogue elicits, obviously searching for an explosive reaction.

Tch, he's stealing my role. He doesn't need to be so annoying. Whatever; at least it makes my job that much easier.

A tense silence follows Rogue's monologue. Three other pairs of eyes rest their gaze on the taut form of the accused. (Y/N) simply closes her eyes, sighs, and turns to glare at him.

"Sorry, honey, but I'm not one to roam in the shadows: only people who like to throw shade do that. Also, I'm the leader of this team, so I'd suggest that you'd either:

A. Get over yourself, or

B. Keep your damned mouth shut. I don't need you to kiss my ass, as you do to your precious Jiemma, but have a sense of decency, okay? We're not going to the GMG to fight amongst ourselves; no, we're going so that we can prevail over the other guilds. Got that?"

Everyone looks surprised at (Y/N)'s outburst, yet I am not surprised at all. What, did they expect Jiemma to pick a frail, little girl to lead them?

Rogue is unresponsive, but he seems to have understood, judging by the slight discoloration in his cheeks (caused by embarrassment). Sting looks simultaneously confused, disturbed, and proud...which is definitely an odd facial expression.

A lengthy silence follows this chain of events, giving me an opportunity to mull over the information I have gathered during this time period.

So, (Y/N) has heeded Jiemma's advice, eh? This display of dominance just proves that she is trying to take leadership of this group of scoundrel-like people.

I guess she really has changed...she used to be much more stubborn when it came to orders; bawahahah!

And those Twin Dragons are sure being put in their place, and unfortunately not by yours truly. I swear, (Y/N) will always steal my thunder. Well, if you don't include Laxus...but he was gone for 7 years. (A/N: Thunder? Laxus? No? Okay. XD)

Rufus, Orga...they don't seem comfortable with the team yet.

And Yukino; dear celestial mage, where art thou? Are you where the wild things roam, or are you simply asleep at your hearth?

I glance at my watch...2:23.

I know where you really are. Well, you're not late...yet...but, you know the saying, 'Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable.' And you know what happens to guild members who do unacceptable things?

That's right; they get humiliated!! Ahahaha, how amusing it is to witness a fool condoning for their wrongdoings!

I sigh as Yukino rushes onto the train. Now it's 2:28...two minutes before departure.

What a pity...whatever, maybe her time will come later, right?


Another chapter! :D

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