Lunar's Betrayal to Sans

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•Sans's POV•

I sat in a damp, dark cell, staring at the chains that held me to the floor.

I had no idea why Sean had kidnapped me.

I mean, what use was I to him?

My question was answered as Sean's guards approached my cell. "Sean needs to see you," The first one said.

I nodded stiffly as the second one came in and unfastened my cuffs.

Before I could even stand up, guard two pushed me in the back and chained my hands together. "C'mon kid," He said gruffly, thrusting me out of my cage.

We walked along lines of other cells, where captives lay, and I saw Alphys crying.

She was brought in a day ago by Undyne.

It was awful.

We ascended the stone steps, until we came to level ground. I gritted my teeth as I stared into the black, glittering eyes of Flowey.

His smile was full of malice as he leaned against the wall.

One day, I'd kill him. And he'll see how it feels to attack innocent people. As we neared the big black oak doors, they were flung open, and I saw Sean sitting there with a smug look on his face.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Sans. The great over-powered, humorous, Sans," Sean said, advancing towards me.

"You mean humerus?" I asked.

That pun gave me a harsh slap in the face.

"I do not tolerate jokes in this building," Sean snapped as a red spot appeared on my face.

"But the reason you're here today is because of your girlfriend, Lunar. She is much more powerful than we expected..."

"What do you mean, much more powerful than you expected?! She's a fallen human! What harm can she do?!" I spat, my hands shaking.

"You see, Lunar's not a human. She's a Monster, if you cannot tell," Sean said, walking towards me.

"She may not have noticed her power, but Toriel has, and she is here to tell us what it is." Sean clapped his hands, and Toriel was brought out.

Deep cuts were visible in almost every spot on Toriel's body, and one of her horns was cut off.

"Speak," Sean said, waving his hand.

It was like invisible ropes were cut from her mouth, because words spilled out of her.

"L-Lunar has the power to time travel, fly, talk to animals, breathe underwater, make nature bend at her will..." Toriel paused for a moment, and she received another deep cut on her arm.

"A-and she can make people fall dead with a snap of her finger," She finished.

And as soon as she did, she was silenced, and Sean went on, "Now, you see, what Lunar Collin is capable of. But besides being like Undyne, she is also capable of betrayal, Sans."

When I cocked my head to the side, Sean pointed in front of me and said, "Take a look for yourself."

I gasped as I saw Derrick and Lunar kissing. His hand was entwined in her hair, and she was holding his free one.

I gulped and said dryly, "B-but, I thought s-she... L-loved me..."

Sean smiled maliciously and said, "She never did Sans. And never will. She clearly fell for the person who almost killed your own brother! Maybe you should've said something while you still had the chance, my friend."

I gulped again, and as I was being dragged back to my cell, I had one thought in my head.

One thought that would never leave my brain until I had succeeded.

I had to kill Derrick.

It was the only way for Lunar to be mine....

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