Chapter 1 Backstory/First Day back

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Alex's POV

The sound of the alarm clock whirls through the air and flowing into my ears.

I know I wouldn't hear Mom yell for me to get up, she is most of the time on business trips, since she works for a big company, causing her to be distant from me.
I pull myself out of bed, dragging my feet to the bathroom.
I turn the knob on the shower, and hop in. As the steam is flowing out.
"Now thats satisfying." I say to myself, as I pick up my phone.
I text the group chat, Skylar, Weston and I are in.
(S-Skylar, A-Alex, W-Weston)

A- Anybody up? It's the first day back from Christmas break!!

W- How is the non-morning person up first? I woke up from my phone going off, I should really start turning on Do Not Disturb.

S- I have been up since 1:30, I am frickin scared.

A- Why?

S- Because.... There was a spider in my room around 1:27am, and I left the room to grab my broom, so I could kill it. I came back and it was gone, so I freaked out, kept all my lights on and played video games all night.

A- Omg Skylar.

W- It's official, Skylar needs help!!

A- Haha, tru. Welp, I gotta go shower, meet you guys at the bus stop.

W- Byeeee

S- Bye bb

I turn off my phone and hop into the shower.

I rummage through my dresser to find a decent outfit for the day back, I find the perfect items, and quickly change. (Outfit in media)

I walk downstairs into the kitchen. I walk to the pantry and glaze my eyes over the items. "Eh." I shut the door and grab an apple.

Once I finish is brush my teeth. I grab my backpack step out of my house, crunching the snow beneath my shoes. I slowly walk to the bus stop only to be greeted by my two bestfriends.

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