Chapter 2

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When Neji and Kiba walked into the classroom for what might be their last time they wanted to make it a special day. So when they walked in to see Naruto sitting in his chair covered in new cuts and bruises and his wolves watching for threats like hawks, they weren't happy. Kiba growled and was about to go massacre the village when Hoshiko walked to them and bit their sleeves and dragged them to Naruto. Naruto smiled at his friends when he saw them, Neji and Kiba looked at Naruto's wounds vanishing before them, from what it looked like they would be gone in an hour. "Hey guys" Naruto said nonchalantly, Neji and Kiba glared a bit then Neji asked "Why don't you fight back?" Naruto tensed, then timidly said "I'm not allowed to say, unless Hokage-sama tells me i can" Kiba growled a bit then sat down and petted Masae and Akamaru. All the other students came soon after the short conversation. "Congratulations students, I'll now give out the teams. Team 1" Naruto tuned out until he heard Neji and Kiba cheering. "Naruto were on the same team." Said Kiba, "Every team has a kunoichi except them" whined Sasuke. A menacing snarl filled the air, Masae jumped onto Sasuke's desk. Sasuke gulped and bowed lightly "my apologies Masae, i only forgot" said Sasuke as Masae walked away. Everyone in the class now remembered Masae was a girl as she walked to Neji and jumped in his lap, Neji sighed and petted her to calm her down. Iruka listed off the rest of the names until he got to team 11 "Sasuke, Hinata, and Tenten" both the kunoichi groaned at the knowledge of their shared teammate. "Wait here until your sensei arrives." Iruka said as he left the room. Naruto, Kiba, and Neji started to talk mindlessly about what their sensei might be like. After three hours they agreed that he was definitely lazy, or always very late. Kakashi walked into the class silently to see his students all petting a dangerous animal and making friendly coversation. "Team 7?" Asked Kakashi, the three boys turned to him. "Yep" said the brown haired boy with Inuzuka fangs on his cheeks. "No kunoichi eh" Said Kakashi as he heard a menacing snarl from one of the wolves. Kakashi quickly worked out that the silver wolf was a girl and could understand him. "Alright meet me on the roof" said Kakashi as he poofed away to the roof. The trio of boys and their companions opened the window and they all walked up the side of the building to the roof talking. The sky was a bright blue with few clouds in the sky, the sound of wind chimes could be heard in the distance. Kakashi's eyes widened in shock as he saw not only the genin wall walking, but the wolves too. The blond was holding a small white dog in his hands as he walked, the blond set down the puppy and hopped over the railing and sat down on the benches. The two other boys sat to the right of Naruto, Neji being the furthest from Naruto. "Okay let's do introductions, you first girly" said Kakashi as he pointed to Neji. Naruto and Kiba both raised their hands to Kakashi and said "See, even he thinks so" Neji sent them all a once offered warning through his Byakugan. "My name is Neji Hyūga. I like the Hyūga branch family, the Inuzuka clan, Konoha, my two non-biological brothers Naruto and Kiba, Akamaru, Hoshiko, Masae, and the Inuzuka clan. I dislike the villagers, most of the main Hyūga family, and when these two idiots think up 'brilliant' plans" Neji shuddered as he said the last part of his sentence. "My hobbies are training, reading, having fun with my brothers, and trying to teach these four some manners" said Neji as he gestured to Naruto, Kiba, Akamaru, and Hoshiko. "My dream is to become ANBU's next supreme commander serving under the Hokage" Kakashi was glad that his team already knew each other very well. Naruto made a ram sign and transformed Masae into her human form. "I speak for both Hoshiko and I" said Masae to Kakashi as she gestured to the other wolf. "I am Masae Uzumaki. I like Naruto_nii, Kiba_nii, Neji_nii, Hoshiko, Akamaru, the Hyūga branch family, the Inuzuka clan, and DEER." Everyone chuckled at the silver haired girl's outburst. "I hate the villagers, the Hyūga main family, and arrogant people. My hobbies are hunting, sleeping, sun bathing in both forms, getting petted, and occasionally mauling a villager if they hurt Naruto_nii. My dream is for us to be best ninja team in Konoha. Now you go, and dont be vauge" Masae said as she pointed to Kakashi and then jumped onto Naruto's lap, forgetting that she weighed more in human form she toppled Naruto to the ground as he gave a light shout in suprise. Kakashi chuckled and decided that he liked his team. "I am Kakashi Hatake. I like Jiraya_sama's books, Konoha, learning new jutsu, and not doing anything. I dislike Shimura_sama, cats, showing my face, and loud people. My hobbies are reading, and something you'll learn when you're older. I haven't thought about a dream for awhile. Your turn Inuzuka" Kakashi said as he leaned back and sat down on the railing. "My name is Kiba Inuzuka. I like these two freaks, Akamaru, Hoshiko, Masae, my clan, the Hyūga branch family, and taking walks with Akamaru, Hoshiko, and Masae. I dispise the villagers, most of the main Hyūga family, and when Naruto keeps secrets from us. My hobbies are training, pranking, and walking Akamaru, Hoshiko, and Masae. My dream is to be the Hokage's personal gaurd and advisor." Naruto sighed and petted Hoshiko. "Your turn goldy locks" said Kakashi as he incurred the wrath and fear of Naruto, Naruto made a dash at Kakashi as Kiba held him back. "Calm down Naruto" said Kiba to no avail, Kiba tapped his ears. Neji plugged his ears as Kiba began to pour chakra into his vocal chords and hum. Kakashi's eyes widened as he began to feel drowsy as the brunette hummed, Naruto calmed down and sat on the bench. Kiba stopped humming when Naruto sat down. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." Neji, Kiba, and Kakashi all shouted "WHAT?" at the blond. Naruto's hand flew over his mouth when he realized what he said. "Y-you're the son of the forth Naruto?" Asked Neji as he was about to go on one knee and bow. "Don't you dare bow" said Naruto as he eyed Neji, Neji realized that he almost put a name before his friend and scolded himself for it. "Well. I guess i have to tell you the rest now. My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. I am the jinchuriki of the Nine tailed fox." Kiba, and Neji were both shocked and soon realized why Naruto was hated in the village, and they hated the villagers even more than they did before because of it. Naruto made a heavy breath, Naruto expected pain and hatred when he said what he was. Nothing came, so Naruto continued "I like my three brothers, my sister, the Hyūga branch family, the Inuzuka clan, Yūgao_sensei, Hayate_sensei, and the village. I hate people who neglect and mistreat others." Everyone on the roof winced at Naruto's comment. "My hobbies are training, meditating, making new jutsu, and having fun with my brothers and sisters. My dream is to be Hokage and help the world reach peace." Kakashi definitely liked his team, how could he not? He had a chibi Minato on his team. "Well, you've all got your own dreams. Tommorow you'll be taking the real genin test, meet me at training ground 7 at 6 am. Dont eat, you'll throw up" Kakashi said that and poofed away. Naruto attempted to run away from the roof but a Byakugan user and an Inuzuka stood in front of him. "Nope, you're not gonna go be depressing. You're goingto tell the village your heritage and then they'll respect you." Said Neji as he crossed his arms, "simple problem, simple solution." Said Kiba as he pushed Naruto in the direction of the Hokage tower. When the group of kids entered the Hokage's office a few murmurs could be heard, then a loud "YOU TOLD THEM?" From the Hokage. Naruto winced "I-i d-didn't m-mean to H-Hokage_sama" said Naruto as he felt that he would be hurt. Kiba and Neji both noticed Naruto trying to shrink away from the Hokage, they both lowly growled in their throats trying to vent out some of the pent up anger they felt towards the villagers. "It's fine Naruto, but the real question is do you want to tell the village?" Asked Sarutobi as he leaned back in his chair and looked at the blond. Naruto sighed, "it's not like they'll believe me. Even if they did, what then? We all live happily ever after? The village will be crushed when they find out how they treated their idol's son without knowing. I don't know if i can do that." Neji and Kiba rarely got to see the serious side of Naruto, it was a welcome change when he thought harder than anyone else. Sarutobi however, was shocked to see Naruto think it through down to that level, "besides, I'll probably be forced into a breeding program until i die if i do tell them." That was a legitimate reason to not tell the public, but Sarutobi waved it off. "Don't worry, I'll make sure they believe you, and that they don't put you in a program like that." Naruto tilted his head in confusion, "you said you wont put me in a program 'like that', so that means I'm going to be in a program?" Sarutobi nodded. "I don't know what type of program you'll be in, but if you don't want certain programs, I'll make sure you don't get those." Naruto nodded. "I guess I'll tell them." Neji and Kiba did almost unnoticeable happy dances, as they bowed to the now standing Hokage. "Onwards to victory" shouted Kiba as he opened the door and pointed a fist to the door to the stairs that led to the top of the tower. On the way to the stairs the Hokage found an ANBU and told her "Gather all the civilians and shinobi who aren't busy, and bring them infront of the tower." The ANBU rushed away to do what was asked of her. When Naruto and the small gathered group of people reached the top of the circular tower they were met with a bustling crowd waiting for the Hokage's announcement. The aged Hokage walked to the railing that overlooked the sea of people. As he walked the crowd quieted down to the point where you could probably hear a whisper on the other side of the village. "I'm sorry for calling you all out here on such short notice. As you all know the late fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze was married to Kushina Uzumaki. What only a select few know is that they had a son who has been living amongst all of you for his entire life." The crowd grew excited by the news, the once quiet village began to grow into cheers as loud as the clap of thunder. "Who is this child?" Screamed out a pink haired man at the front of the crowd. "The child has been living under his mother's clan name of Uzumaki, their child is the spitting image of Minato himself." Said Sarutobi as he smiled. The smart people in the crowd had worked it out themselves and immediately paled to a shade of white close to paper. "The name of this child is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze." Said Sarutobi as he motioned for Naruto to come closer to the railing. Naruto stepped forward and saw all the shocked and pale faces below. When the were able to see Naruto and Minato's head on the mountain behind Naruto all in one view, it was obvious to see the blood relation between the two. The village was deathly still as the fact that they had tormented their saviors son for all of his life had seeped in. "Hello everyone" said Naruto in a cheery voice. The relation between Naruto and Minato became even more apparent as he was also extremely selfless and always put others before himself. Naruto soon heard sobs below him as people either wailed or whispered for forgiveness from Naruto and his father. As Naruto had predicted, the village was heavily weighed down by grief and guilt at the sudden revelation. "This is a bit anticlimactic" whispered Kiba to Neji who nodded but stayed quiet. "Well that's all i wanted to say. Have a good day." Sarutobi turned around and smiled a sadistic smile. "I've always wanted to screw with the civilian council." Said Sarutobi as he dragged Naruto into his office, "Now we wait for the council to barge in here and start to worship you." Just as the Hokage finished his sentence the door to his office was slamed open. "Hello young Namikaze_sama, how are you?" Naruto was very unaccustomed to being asked that question by anyone other than the Hyūga, Inuzuka, his teachers, or Masae and Hoshiko so he stayed quiet for a moment. "Ummm, Fine?" Said Naruto as he bowed to the council. Homura smiled an evil smile as he thought about putting Naruto in a program where they could breed powerful shinobi, Sarutobi saw the smile and coughed to get the groups attention. "Naruto and I made an agreement that states if he doesn't want a certain CRA program, he wont get it." The sinister smile that was on Homura's face turned into a scowl towards Sarutobi. "If i had a choice, I'd like CRA program 1-B please." Said Naruto as all the males in the room grew a perverted smile. "Ok, the 1-B program states that the signer of the program is entitled to have one wife, but you are capable of having more if you desire." Naruto nodded, "Now if you'll excuse me Hokage-sama. I need to train." The council members smiled and nodded at the blond as he left. When Naruto left the office he ran into someone, when they collided the person's head hit Naruto's throat. Naruto coughed and rubbed his throat. "Sorry, please forgive me" said Naruto as he looked into the midnight hair of who he bumped into. The girl raised her head and showed off her beautiful black eyes that held your gaze when you looked for only a moment. "Oh, hello Sasuko. How are you?" Sasuko blushed as she looked into Naruto's blue eyes. Naruto watched as Sasuko became cuter as her face became redder. "H-hello Naruto-kun." Said Sasuko as she looked away, "are you sick? You're becoming red." Naruto discretely teased as he put a hand under her chin and placed his other on her forehead, and pulled her closer so she could feel Naruto's breath on her face as she had to look up to see Naruto's eyes. Sasuko exploded into a heavy blush that covered her face, squeals could be heard to Naruto's right. Naruto saw pink hair through the door Sasuko had entered through, "I have to go, if you are sick, get some rest Sasuko_chan." Naruto said sweetly as he walked to his team that was waiting down the hall. Kiba wiggled his eyebrows seductively as he glanced between a red Sasuko and Naruto before saying "Does little Naru like Sasuko_chan?" In a childish voice. Naruto puched Kiba in the face which sent him into the wall with a crater surrounding his body. Kiba winced at the unwanted contact, "did you have to go all out with that punch?" Asked Kiba as he got out of his crater and rubbed his head trying to ease the pain. Naruto laughed "all out? Only you can hit harder than me, and you think i went all out. Would you like me to show you the punches you give me during training?" Asked Naruto when he was done laughing, Kiba didn't have to think about the question as he speed walked to keep up with his brothers. After they left the tower Kiba and Neji went to their clan's own private training grounds to practice jutsu that they wanted to keep secret. Naruto went to a barn house that was burned down because he was found inside of the building and the owner would rather try to kill Naruto than have a barn. Naruto stepped towards the burnt down field of wheat and began to think of a way to make his new jutsu work. After a moment of thinking Naruto stood up and went through hand signs as the golden wheat that were unscathed by the fire began to sway with the wind as the sky turned golden with the setting sun. Naruto made the hand signs 'Horse, Tiger, Hare, Boar, Dragon, Tiger, Ram, and Dog' when he made the final sign of dog he used the closed fist that made up half of the sign and punched the ground. "Earth release: duelist hall" thick walls of packed dirt rose up to make a long hall that surrounded Naruto. Naruto examined the jutsu he had just created and noticed that the walls and floor would take chakra from people who were in the hall. Naruto heard moving dirt and looked behind him to see that the ends of the hall were slowly growing needle sharp spikes. Naruto went through different signs to see if they had a reaction to the jutsu. Naruto made a 'Horse' sign and felt as if he was in control of the iron hard dirt that surrounded him. Naruto used a bit of chakra and thought of a spike coming up from the floor going to just scrapping the top of the ceiling of the hall. The spike came up at a speed where even Naruto, who knew it was coming was suprised at its sudden appearance. Naruto smirked and took out his sword, he charged his sword with chakra and swung at the wall to his left, as soon as the chakra made contact it was sucked up by the jutsu and given back to Naruto. Naruto's sword made a scrape on the wall and bounced back. Naruto became ecstatic at the power of this Jutsu, Naruto practiced with his sword inside of the hall in order to get used to the limited space around him. Naruto had to reset the spikes that were growing from the ends of the hall about 4 times per every 10 minutes. Naruto practiced until the sun was long gone and Naruto was running out of chakra as the hall started to crumble. When the jutsu was fully crumbled Naruto stepped out and looked to see a horribly hidden ANBU with a red dress and pink hair. "Sakura, just because you wear the mask doesn't make you good at stealth." Said Naruto as he started to walk towards the Kunoichi. Sakura took off the mask and closed the distance between the two "do you like Sasuko?" Asked Sakura as she nudged the taller blond with her elbow. "I can't answer that when she is right there" Naruto said as he pointed to the tree line and a black haired girl hid behind a tree deeper in the forrest. Naruto sighed, "would you like me to walk you two home?" Naruto asked as he picked up his belongings and motioned for Sasuko to come over to him. Sasuko walked over and the three walked into the village and Naruto dropped off Sasuko first, then Sakura. The walk was filled with Naruto making cheesy jokes that Sakura found amusing in some amount, and Sasuko just smiled and shook her head at the blond. When the two kunoichi were at their respective houses Naruto went to his own home and was greeted by a worried Masae. Masae ranted at Naruto, saying "WHERE WERE YOU? WHY WEREN'T YOU HERE? WE LOOKED FOR YOU FOR THE PAST EIGHT HOURS, AND YOU DIDN'T THINK TO TELL US WHERE YOU WERE GOING?" Naruto winced, Masae was VERY protective of her older brother. Naruto began to take off his Kimono, leaving him in orange and white pants. Masae blushed, even if she didn't feel anything romantic towards Naruto, he was still too hot for his own good. Masae turned away and covered her face. Naruto patted her head and walked into his room and stubbed his toe on the door but continued on as if it didn't happen. "How can you do that without screaming in pain?" Asked Hoshiko as he held a glass of water in his hand. "Once you've been burned alive. Not much hurts afterwards" Naruto said nonchalantly as he took off his headband and layed it on his dresser. Masae shoved the blond onto his bed "Shut up and sleep" Masae said before she turned into her wolf form and layed on Naruto's chest. When Naruto woke up he carefully moved the wolves off his body and made a quick meal for him and his family. After he made the meal he threw a piece of crispy bacon into his room, as soon as he let go two wolves were tearing it in half and eating the halves. Once the entire meal was eaten the group headed to training ground 7 at 8am, two hours late. Kakashi was already there and arrived on time to see all three of his students walking and talking, he was annoyed. He liked his team so he decided to be on time. "You guys are late." Kakashi said annoyed. "Taste of your own medicine" mumbled the group, Kakashi sighed and took out two bells. "Get these by noon, whoever doesn't get a bell goes back to the academy." All three boys stayed neutral, much to Kakashi's suprise. What he didn't know was that the boys and their counterparts had already decided to work as a team no matter what. "Start" as soon as Kakashi said that Naruto was on his left side with a kick aimed at his temple. Naruto threw a Kunai behind Kakashi so he couldn't move backwards, Neji was perfectly mirroring Naruto's movements. Kiba was running at Kakashi with a kunai in hand, Kiba was in between both Naruto and Neji. Kakashi quickly got over the shock and thought of his options. If Kakashi jumped he'd be still be hit by Naruto and Neji's kick, If he moved forward he'd be hit by Kiba quicker, if he went down he'd still get hit by Kiba, if he went backwards he'll be hit by Neji and Naruto's kunai, his only option was to use a substitution. Kakashi used a substitution and the log was crushed by the mirrored kick as if it was paper. Kakashi cringed 'that could have been my head' he thought as he hid in the trees. Kiba put away his Kunai and slid under the crushed log and got into an offensive stance, while Naruto and Neji got into defensive stances on either side of Kiba. Kakashi smiled, knowing that his team already passed. Naruto tapped his ears and went into the 'Heiwan no Ken' stance. Neji and Kiba covered their ears. "Sorry Kakashi_sensei, this will hurt. Itami no Ken (sword of pain)" Kakashi was then put through the most painful thing Naruto had ever experienced, Naruto being Naruto Kakashi went through something that makes demons shudder. Naruto tapped his ears once again, Neji and Kiba hadn't seen or heard what Naruto said, when they were met with a tear streaming down Naruto's face and pain filled screaming they were shocked. Never had they heard such pained screams, suddenly the scream stopped. The only down side to this jutsu is that Naruto goes through it a second time. Kakashi walked out of the forrest breathing heavy and on the verge of passing out and said four words "how old were you?" Naruto looked down at the dirt. "Seven, i was seven when that happened. The worst was when i was nine." Kakashi poofed into a cloud of smoke, the real Kakashi cringed as he retrieved the memory from his shadow clone. "Shall we?" Asked Kakashi as he rushed Kiba in the center of the stance. "We shall." Said the group as they got ready.

Ok, since i have made it so Naruto can have a harem, or just one wife it's your choice if he has a harem, it WILL be a Naruto x Sasuko story no matter what however. But know that I'm not as good at writing harem stuff compared to one on one. And if i haven't introduced a male character yet, i can make it so he is female for this story. Peace out - BS

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