10. Revival of Yesterday

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Update :)

Shehry and Haya back in action ;)

Chapter # 11

Revival of Yesterday

Haya's POV

Be at the door in 10

"Be at the door in 10. What can that mean Mom?" I was still frowning down at my cell phone screen when Arham reminded me I was too loud. I turned and shrugged my shoulders.

"Your Daddy knows or God knows"

"Mom! you should call him and ask you know this can be important" Arham suggested as I turned towards the laundry.

"I still have to do a lot of laundry plus I have to clean up the mess you have made in your room plus I have to do the dishes and last but not the least your Daddy's study is still upside down" I counted on my fingers and Arham popped his eyes wide open.

"Super Mom!!!" he practically gave me a salute and I smiled, shaking my head. my cell phone buzzed again and I looked down, finding it again from Shehry.

As far as I know my wife, she must be ignoring my text being busy in her stuff. I rolled my eyes reading his text.

"Whats got into him today? God! I have loads to do I can not go out with you, not today Shehry!" I was about to reply him when I got his call, and the moment I picked it up he started to bombard... 

"Before you could start throwing your questions and stupid lame reasons for not coming out let me tell you, am not going to buy any of them" he didn't even give me a chance to say hello.

"Hello to you too Mr. Husband!" I stated, not missing the sarcasm in my tone and heard him groan.

"Whatever! Come on you are wasting time, come out now" his tone urgent and I frown.

"Shehry! are you kidding? Arham is head to toe deep in dirt after all that school idiotic mud project plus am too messy, at least give us an hour to get ready" I tried to knock some intelligence inside his brains.

"Who said I want Arham outside, its you am talking about Bivi ji! Bahir tashreef lao hun tussi" he stated and my frown went deeper.

"we are going out leaving Arham alone at home? Mom Dad bhi nai hen ghar per Shehry! are you serious?"

"God! I so wish I was there and could actually shut your mouth up" Shehry blabbered and I looked down at Arham who was clearly listening everything out from that stupid phone of mine.

"Behave your self Shehry! your son is here" I gritted my teeth and heard him laughed.

"Thank God! my son is wiser than my wife" he remarked and before I could counter back he spoke again. "please Haya! come out okay, don't worry about your dress, hair or makeup. Just come out at the door and FYI am reaching home in just 10 minutes am around the corner. Don't worry about Arham, I will be there with him, he won't be alone. Pappi for you"

And with this non stop rant he hung up, I looked at the phone screen in utter confusion with my mouth wide open and heard Arham chuckled at my back.

"Come on Mom! you should go. You have only few minutes" Arham reminded me and I shook my head.

"I don't understand, he will stay with you and I will be gone? With whom? Your Daddy has gone crazy okay! am telling you, he wants me to go out. Alone?" I looked at Arham who was for some stupid reason grinning ear to ear. I raised my eyebrow suspiciously at him.

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