Justice or Injustice

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Like I said last chapter this one might be short.

Your P.O.V

'I'm scary for Hail. She is always in the alley buy her house. And I as Alpha is the one that take her to the hospital afterwards. I. Am. Sick. Of. It."
I thought as I jump to roof to roof.
I stop that Hail's house, and thought
"You know I might go to cout for this, and make Hail and me live together in one house."
"Really Alpha you will do that for someone?" A familiar voice said.
"I said that out loud? Oh and yea I will." I said.
"Yes you did"
Okay Star you can stop now. So why are you here?"
Staranna is a policewoman, she has light teal eyed, and purple hair.

She know who I really am

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She know who I really am.
"Okay so where is Hail?"
"Still in the house. So are you going really gonna do it?"
"Yea!! I'm gonna get Hail out of that hellhole.Star call back up. We gonna need it. "

*Time skip*

"Staranna we got your call what do you need?" Captain Johnson ask.
"Hailey Shadow is getting abuse by her parents and Alpha said she is sick of it and she was to do more. So I and Alpha agreed to go to court. And I said to call me by my nickname."
"Okay we have waiting for you two to agree to this and we already sit court on July 12 2012."
'Wait its been a year since I move!!!'
"Okay we are all set."

*Time skip to the 12 and halfway done because I don't know how it goes.*

3rd person

"Okay can we have (Y/n) to the stand." The jugde call out.
Alpha froze, then said.
(Y/n) is in the bathroom I'll go get her." Alpha took off running.
"Snow: defur me"
Then you start to run back up.
"(Y/n) will you tell me why Hailey should live with you and not with her parents?" Judge ask.
"She is too young to be abuse and she think she is worthless,useless, and much more that I can't remember. She deserve better. My mother is many things to you guys. You think she is cold hearted, but she isn't she wants Hailey for her only."
"Okay Hailey Shadow is now a (L/n). And her parents will go to jail for life."
"Hail is finally free from that hellhole. Isn't she?" Star ask you.
"Yea, she is."
From that day Hail is a (L/n) and your sister.

Longer then I thought

Next charter: I'm coming home.

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