Imagine #6- Relieving Stress

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Yusei's POV:

" Okay, okay, I got it ", I replied to the person on the other side of the line harshly and slammed the phone back in its place angrily. God damn this work, god damn people, why do I have to deal with this shït every day-

" Yusei, are you alright? ", I sighed and lifted my head to look at my girlfriend, Nicole. I smiled a bit at her and nodded, and it was true, in that moment everything was alright, as long as I get to look at her green eyes and listen to her worried, gentle voice. She frowned, not quite convinced, but still moved on with putting more paperwork on my desk and handing me my schedule for today.

" Here you go. Don't try skipping anything, I'll find out ", she kind of glared at me and then walked off. Before she got out of my sight I took in the sight of her skirt which was perfectly shaping her butt, and her bare, sexy long legs-

Yusei. No. You're at work.

I sighed, taking the next paper and skimming over it quickly. Just like that the boring work day continued on.

Me and Nicole started this agency about half a year ago, when I found out her boss on her previous job was a damned old pedophile and was molesting her- well looking at her and talking dirty to her but it was still annoying and I got furious. Of course I made her quit that job, not that she minded, and then we decided to start this one. We never even dreamed that it would grow from a small local agency to this enormous business that even has its own building. Yes, we have other workers but Nicole still wants us to do some of the work- We mustn't get lazy, Yusei!- she says.

I groan and start spinning in my chair, not really caring when it moved around the room carrying it with me. How much more boring can this day get- suddenly the door opened and I went flying on the floor from jolting.

" ....Are you done with your work ", Nicole stood at the doorway, glaring daggers at me, her heel clicking against the floor showing how irritated she was.

" ......No ", I replied and as I was showing no intention of getting up from the floor, she walked to me and offered me her hand. I looked up and- I gulped as I got a full view of her panties under her skirt from this point of view. She said something but I wasn't really paying attention. She's wearing those black lacey ones I love so much, why must she torture me like this??

" Yusei! ", she finally got my attention and I glanced up at her face seeing it's completely red, probably from embarassement.

" S-sorry ", I got up quickly by myself and looked everywhere but at her, somehow already knowing what her next words will be.

" Yusei your... Is standing up ", Nicole said, partly embarassed to no end and partly trying not to laugh. In a moment my face got incredibly hot and probably became red like never before. I looked down to confirm what she was saying- yep there it is. Long time no see friend- wait what are you even thinking Yusei there is something wrong with you.

" I'm sorry? ", I cleared my throat as she chuckled. I looked her up and down again, biting my lip in the process. Well since I'm already hard it won't do any harm, right?

" Come here ", she grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the bathroom which was luckily connected to my office, so there were no awkward glances from anyone.

" Nicole what are you- ah.. ", a small moan got out of my mouth as I didn't expect Nicole to grope my length as soon as she closed the bathroom door. But she didn't stop there, oh no. She smirked at me almost evily but unbearably sexy at the same time, and got on her knees undoing my belt quickly and pulling my pants and boxers down in one swift move.

" What does it look like I'm doing? Helping you, of course.. ", mumbling the last part against my length, sending delicious shudders up my spine, she enveloped her fingers around it and began pumping up and down, not really caring to go fast or anything.

" Nicole- god damn- you're so sexy ", I groaned out and licked my lips at the sight in front of me, or better- beneath me. Nicole ran her palm against the tip making another small moan fall across my lips. Obviously pleased with my reaction, she put my length inside her mouth, quickly starting to suck on it in the way she knew was driving me crazy, all while keeping her eyes trained on me, making the view even better.

Lust began growing almost painfully, and as I was nearing my limit and put my fingers in her hair, pushing her further onto my length, there was no other place I'd want to be at the moment.

" I'm com- ", before I could even finish the sentence fully, her hand that was squeezing my balls found its way inbetween them and found the bundle of nerves there, making me shout out her name and release my seed down her throat, basically forcing her to swallow it.

" Sorry! ", I kneeled down next to her as she coughed.

" It's fine, Yusei.. It felt good right? ", she smirked at me causing me to quickly get up and pull my pants up, button them, all while feeling a light blush come to my cheeks.

" Yeah, I guess.. ", Nicole laughed and pecked me on my lips, making me taste myself on her lips.

Before I could even process what she did and react, she was already walking out but quickly returned to stand at the doorway, looking as if she just remembered something.

" Oh and Yusei? "

" Hm? "

" Although this wasn't planned- I was planning on relieving some stress tonight... Get ready ", Nicole winked and walked out leaving me all alone with my thoughts.

God damn.

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