Derrick's love for Lunar

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•Lunar's POV•

The end of the Genocide route came after hours of walking.

My legs hurt, I was hot, and the Nice Cream didn't go down well.

"Guys!" I called after our little group. "Can we please rest?"

Papyrus sighed.

He looked worried, but nodded along with Frisk and Derrick. I flung my backpack off of my shoulder and set it on the ground.

I let down my bright green hair and laid down on my bag.

I closed my eyes, and soon fell asleep.


I yelled at Sans and Derrick who both were fighting over me. Sans had Derrick pinned to the ground, and he struggled to get him off.

"I LOVE BOTH OF YOU!" I hollered at them, but they weren't listening. "PLEASE!"

I called as I ran towards them. Sans held out his hand and I was flung backward into the wall.

"Sans... Derrick..." I said as everything around me turned black...

I woke up to the sound of crackling fire, and Derrick singing to himself.

He had the voice of an angel. It made me warm on the inside, like drinking hot cocoa on a bitter day, and I smiled.

Derrick saw that I was awake and said, "Papyrus and Frisk are trying to find food."

I stared into Derrick's blue eyes and muttered, "I'm freezing."

He looked around our campsite, trying to find something to cover me up with, and when he didn't, he said, "I thought Monsters produced their own body heat."

I narrowed my eyes.

"Monster is a cruel word. It stings, and doesn't go away. It's like being called a worthless, horrible, homicidal, freak, ya know," I replied, turning my back on him.

Derrick sighed and got up. He walked over to me, and laid down by my side. He wrapped his arm around me, and scooted closer. "Better?" Derrick asked, and I could hear the apologizing tone in his voice.

"Yes," I replied.

"I love you, Lunar," He said, as he laid his head on my shoulder.

I hesitated slightly before saying, "I love you too, Derrick, I love you too..."

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