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Jace's p.o.v

I woke up by the smell of bacon. The first seconds I was confused cause I didn't know where I was. But then I remembered yesterday. How Lena fell asleep on my chest.... No! Jace no snap out of it you can't imagine about Lena all the time what's wrong with you? But I really couldn't get her off my mind. She was my bestfriend right? I ignored the thoughts.

I walked to the kitchen. Goodmorning boobo how did you sleep? Lena asked me without looking at me. Eh yeah I slept well what about you? Didn't she remember what happened last night? Or did she just thought it meant nothing? It really wasn't something what "friends" do. I slept well to thanks. Here I made you some breakfast. Aw you didn't have to do that. She made eggs with bacon and sausages. My fav. She was so sweet... I watched her while I ate my sausages. She made herself breakfast to and joined me at the kitchen island. Where are Tim and Yentl? Probably upstairs.. She said.
Well, we all know what happend there. I said laughing. Jace! You can't say that. She almost chocked on her sausage. What time are we expected at the studio?
12 am. It's now 9 so we have some sparetime. I said while looking into her beauiful eyes. I almost lost myself.. I shouldn't look at her like that! She was going to notice soon... I don't even know what this is, or that I might have feelings for her. I'm going to ask Riele. Maybe she knows what I'm supposed to do. Riele and Lena are very close though.

Jace? Are you even listening?
Uh what no sorry what did you say?
Never mind.
Oh no she's mad at me now. I recognize that look...
Sorry boboo I was just thinking about, you. Um work and stuff like that.
Ok. I can't stay mad at you.
Yesss! I walked over to her and hugged her thight.
Man, it felt good to hold her and I didn't want to let her go.
I finally released her and we finished breakfast.

Jace..? I need to tell you something. She was really serious. I can tell it by the look on her face. What was she going to tell? I became pretty nervous. I don't know why but it felt not right.

I've been thinking about this lately and I didn't told anyone about it yet. Since your my best friend for basically my whole life, I think you should know about this.

Suddenly I heard a noise from the hallway. Tim no don't say that! I'm allowed to cause I'm your bf. The door slammed open. Geez, they couldn't time better... Why do they always need to interrupt us? Heyyyy guys how did you sleep?? Yentl annoyed me sometimes. Fine thanks. I wasn't really paying attention to Yentl and Tim. My gaze was on Lena. Damn she's beautiful..

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