Chapter 1

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Hey this is one of my first times writing a story....there will be mistakes, but please be patient for me!! Hope you enjoy


The sun was hidden by clouds as my feet paced steadily in front of me.

I loved running around in the woods when it was cloudy and had just rained,
and was doing just that.

The smell that the trees and plants emitted  after their shower was my drug.

Being here made me feel free and I loved by the company of nature.
Trees, squirrels, birds and all the animals set my mind at peace.

I walked along the narrow animal path that led to the small lake. There I sometimes watched deers and gazelles drink and play with each other, but I would have to hurry now because it was getting dark fast these days for winter was drawing close.

Soon I reached my favorite part of the woods; the water had bigger waves than usual because the wind was strong in the small clearing of the lake.

I looked to the sky and realized I had to go home right away if I didn't want the night to catch me. I looked around one more time and turned to go.

Hastily I broke into a jog again.

Suddenly I saw something to my left and stopped abruptly, but when I looked, there was nothing.

'Must have been a squirrel' I thought to myself and picked up my trot.

Just as I was getting in pace again there was a loud crack of thunder above my head and I shivered and stopped but just as quickly began to run faster.

A lightning jolt brightened the forest around me and furious thunder boomed afterwards. At that moment something swished in front of me but it was gone as quickly as it had come. Fear crawled up my back and I ran faster.

Why oh why didn't I see the storm coming I scolded myself.

Cold huge raindrops hit my back and soon it was pouring with rage. I knew it was a too long way home in this rain so I turned back the way I had come and ran about 100 meters back; I knew a small cave was hidden among the rocks.

I had discovered it in one of my hikes in the forest. I crawled inside and was happy to be out of the icy wind; November rains surely where cold.

Waiting, I grabbed my phone to check the time. It would be dark soon so I sent a quick message to my mom telling her that the rain caught me so I would be home later than usual.

I looked out of the small cave opening and a strange feeling came over me that I was not alone, I wiped my wet hair back that had come out of my ponytail and stared at the entrance.

'Gosh girl relax it's nothing your friends always say your senses are hyperactive.'

But the feeling wouldn't go away and I instinctively crawled further inside the cave.

My teeth clattered uncontrollably as I waited for the storm to pass.

As I waited, the foreign feeling  seemed to grow with each passing second; my heartbeat increased and my mind became fuzzy.

Suddenly the rain stopped and everything went quiet except for distant thunder rolls.

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