The Deadly Letter's

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Hey guys, this is the sequel to She's Mine... And Will Always be mine. Its just the prologue, short and sweet. haha(: anyways i hope you guys like it!<3 I dont think you have to read the first book to get this one... i think haha but the first one isnt that long, if you wanna read it.

                                                         The Deadly Letter’s


My dear Nicole, I know you heard that I’m not dead. You made a big mistake, before you left you should have made sure I was dead. Since you didn’t I’m still alive and I’m coming back for you, my love. You hurt me, I hurt you. Ready or not here I come, Nicole.

                                          Love yours truly, Ace.

I sat there reading the letter that I found on top of my bed. Fear running throughout my body, Ace was actually in my room. He can’t be back, he just can’t be. He should be dead, but he isn’t.  What he wrote was true, I did make a big mistake I should have made sure he was dead before I left. It’s too late now, Ace is back and he’s coming for me.  

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