Chapter 3

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Katherine's POV
Mystic Falls hadn't changed a bit. It was still bursting with magical energy, and was still filled with unsuspecting humans.

As soon as Damon and I arrived at the Salvatore mansion, I knew that the town was still exactly the same as it had been when I left: just with one more vampire.

"Okay. Where is she?" I said, letting go of Damon's arm, which I had been clinging to for the entirety of the trip from New York.

He gestured inside, and cautiously, I stepped inside.

I paused once inside though, wondering if I was possibly doing everything wrong. What if this was a trap? What if she wasn't really a vampire, this was just some elaborate plan to kill me?

Damon stepped in after me, but before he could close the door, I had him pinned against the wall with my hands around his neck.

"Tell me what I'm really doing here." I said into his ear.

"Before I kill you."

"There's no need for that." a voice said from behind me, and I didn't even bother turning around to know who it was.

I slowly released Damon and turned to his brother, who was standing behind me with his arms crossed.

"Maybe you can tell me why I'm really, here, Stefan." I said to him.

He shrugged.

"For the same reason Damon told you. You're here to turn Elena's humanity back on."

I stiffened. I really hadn't wanted it to be true, it would have been much more pleasant to hear that they had brought me here to kill me.

I wanted Elena to still be human, and I wanted her to not remember a thing about me, except the fact that I was a total bitch and she hated me.

"Fine." I said, taking a deep breath in.

"Why did she turn off her humanity in the first place?"

"We don't know." Damon said, walking around me and standing next to his brother.

"One day she was Elena, and the next she was Katherine 2.0."

I smirked, but on the inside I was screaming. Not my Elena, she couldn't be anything like me.

"Fine." I said again.

"Where is she?"

"Basement." Stefan responded.

I nodded and began to make my way down.


I heard, and I turned to see Damon smirking at me.

"We'll be listening the whole time, so don't try anything, like, I don't know, killing her."

"You know me so well." I said to him, rolling my eyes and walking down the stairs.

I knew immediately which cell Elena was in. She started talking when she heard my footsteps coming towards her.

"Damon?" she said.

"I swear, I've changed. My humanity's back on, I promise. I'm just starving. Please..."

I walked over faster, approaching the cell and looking at her through the small window at the top.

My breath caught when I saw her again for the first time.

Even though she looked starving, and angry, and everything else a vampire without humanity can be, I was still looking at Elena. I thought I would never see her again.

But I wasn't here to fawn over her.

"Damon's not here." I said, cocking my head to look at her.

"You're stuck with me. Sorry."

I opened the door to the cell and closed it quickly, making sure she couldn't get out.

She stood up to face me, shaking her hair out of her face.

"Have they been starving you? Poor thing." I said sarcastically, staring back at her.

It hurt to be this mean to her, but I knew my stuff. Turning on a vampire's humanity takes more than just love and kind words.

She didn't respond, only stared at me, sneering.

"Katherine Pierce. Yet another one of my lovers, here to try and make me perfect little Elena again."

I winced, hoping that she had said it quietly enough that Damon and Stefan couldn't hear. I still didn't want them to know about our past.

"Elena Gilbert. Yet another one of my lovers that I have shake back into their senses." I responded quickly.

She looked a little pissed, but returned to her nonchalant look easily.

"I remember everything, Katherine." she said.

"Everything? Your 123's and your ABC's as well?" I said, feigning excitement.

Now she looked angry, her lips pursed and brow furrowed.

"No. Everything about you and me. Everything you did. You told me you loved me. And then, you left me. You're the reason my humanity is off, Katherine."

"You aren't in your right mind." I said to Elena.

Every word was hitting me like a stake to the heart, but I had to stay calm and collected. I couldn't let her get in my head.

"But I am. I remember it all, and I remember how much you hurt me. But guess what? It doesn't hurt anymore, because I chose to not let it hurt."

It was my fault. She turned her humanity off because of me, because of how much I had hurt her.

All my emotions were flooding to the surface, but I refused to let her see me cry.

Instead, I focused on anger. Anger at myself for leaving her like this.

I sped over to Elena and pushed her against the wall, hand to her neck.

"I am older than you, and you're weak. I could snap your pretty little neck hundreds of times and you couldn't do anything about it."

She laughed.

"Do it, Katherine! Come on, I dare you."

My grip on her neck loosened. I couldn't do it. I couldn't snap her neck, even if it was crucial. I let go altogether, feeling unaccomplished and let down.

"I'll be back tomorrow."

Slowly, I opened the door. I looked back at her once, but before I could, she was gone, straight past me and out the door.

My eyes widened and I sped after her.

Stefan grabbed me when I was upstairs.

"How could you let this happen?"

I shook my head furiously.

"I don't know."

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