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"Today we are going to just talk about everything and and plan something"


"So on this Friday we are going to have a meeting with a real important person so I want you to dress nice and let me do all the talking.
And today I want to get to know you better!"

" okey so what do you want to know"

"Tell about why you join a gang a first place"

"Well i had a boyfriend that was in a gang so I started following him around and be with him when he was at the house they all get together and the first time the gang leader start talking to me and he was really nice and like 2 weeks after he ask if I want to join them and I said yes mostly because my boyfriend would be really mad and when he got mad I got really scared so I did because of him"

"Are you talking about Alex?" Jose added

"Yeah how did you know about him? Have you talked to him?"

"Yes I talked to 3 days ago"

"What did he tell you?"

"Nothing really just the you are the reason why he is in prison because of something he didn't do and is that true?"

"Yes that true"

"How did you do that?"

"I got my contacts"

"Okey so who trained because I have seen you I action"

"I got trained by my brother and I also trained at the gym"

"Okey" Jose start with towards me I got a bit nervous

"So have you ever used a gun before?" He asks while sitting next to me

"Yes but I didn't kill anyone"

"Okey good, now follow me"
We walked in to a big bedroom

"This will be you bedroom when you stay here!"

"Wait what?..you did say that I had so say here.."

"I know but sometimes you are going to have to say her and even Olivia too because there will be a lot of people after you!"

" okey"

"Just make yourself at home because you will probably be spending more time here with Olivia and your dogs then back at your house!"


We walk around in the house and wow it's so big! It has 3 stories, a big pool, 2 kitchen, and I don't even remember how many bedrooms and restrooms. As we were walking around Jose hade his hand on my waist,

"Sandra I'm sorry for doing all this but I had to"

"What do you mean I hade to..?"

"You don't understand"

"No I don't so please explain!"

"I can't do that rn"

"Okay well fuck you!" I turned around and walked away I was so mad rn I don't understand why he is talking about of course he had e choose! I could her him running after me

"Sandra I can't explain it because it because I want to protect you!"

"Ohh okey" I said with a ironic voice

"Come on I'm seriously"

"Save it for later"

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