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It was him the guy I pouch into the wall at the party. I was getting a bit nervous because I don't know if he is trying to get back at me?

"Hi" I said nervously

"Hey" he smiled at me

"So ur Frimzy?"

" Hahha yeah but that's not me real name. I'm Jose but you can call me Frimzy if you want"

"Okey, so now what?"

"Hmm maybe go and get a ice cream?"

"Okey" I said smiling

We walk and talk for a while and eating our ice cream. I was always keeping an eye out for anything because he is the biggest gang leader so you never know what he has planned.

"Sandra I have one question for you?"

"Hmm what?"

"I noticed that you have been very nervous and look around for someone or something and I wonder why?"

"Emm, okey I'm going to be honest I know that you are in one of the biggest gangs in the world and you are the ledger
And I know that I pushed you up against a wall so I have no idea if you are here for revenge" I said look at him waiting for a answer

"Okay I'm letting you know that I'm not here to get revenge! I'm here to meet you and get to know you" he smiled at me

"Okey but you probably did your research on me"

"Haha yeah"

"So why me?"

"Okey I know this I going to sound weird but there is something special about you and when you pushed me against the wall and looked right into my eyes I saw something that I can't explain and after that night I couldn't forget about you. And I have a question would you like to join my gang?"
He looked right into my eyes

"Wow... First off I put all this gang stuff behind me so no I will not join ur gang I'm sorry"

"Okey but if you ever regret not saying yes you can just call me I have to go bye"

" okey bye.."

'I saw him walking away, wow did this just happened? I can't join a gang again not after what happened to my family. But what did he mean by I saw something I can't explain, I'm so confused rn
I started walking home when I go home I could see the front door open, we always close it so run inside to find things everywhere.
Wow what has happened here I got scared and remember seeing Jose talking on the phone with someone when he was walking away from me.
now it hit me they took Olivia because I can't find her fuck what do I do now, I decided to call Jose!

Jose: hey

Me: what have you done where is she!!
I yelled at him

Jose: who?

Me: I'm not joking around where is Olivia!!

Jose: ohh her yeah about that hmm she is here

Me: let her go!!

Jose: No

Me: please Jose don't hurt her please I will do anything

Jose: anything?

Me: yes!!

Jose: join my gang and I wouldn't hurt her

Me: I can't I can't...

Jose: okey it's your choice

'I heard him say something on Spanish I don't understand that much Spanish so I got really scared all I could understand was "she is all yours"

Me: nooooo don't do it!!
I started crying

Jose: then say yes just join us

Me: okey if you let her go and don't bring her in to this

Jose: okey I want you here in one hour okey

Me: I understand!

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