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I woke up because someone was texting me like crazy, I took my phone and saw that is was the one and only frimzy and I started laughing again because of his name I decided to change his name in my contacts

Frimzy🤔: hey
Frimzy 🤔: hello
Frimzy 🤔: wake up
Frimzy 🤔: Sandra wake up!!!
Frimzy 🤔: ur so boring...
Frimzy 🤔: fuck you🖕🏻 come on I'm bored

Me: what fuck is wrong with you...🖕🏻

Frimzy 🤔: omg ur a wake 👏🏻👏🏻 good morning sunshine

Me: did you seriously have to wake me up because u are bored??!

Frimzy 🤔: yes and it's like 11!

Me: I fucking hate you!!

Frimzy 🤔: No you don't 😏  you love me ❤️

Me: 😂😂 no!

Frimzy 🤔:  but you will soon!

Me: ur really funny 😂

Frimzy 🤔: Ik 😂 but I'm serious! So wyd

Me: hmm i just woke up.... You?

Frimzy 🤔: I'm just sitting in my room

Me: interesting😂

Frimzy 🤔: yeah you Should come over 😊

Me: hmm maybe😉

Frimzy 🤔: I can send you my address 👍🏻

Me: hahaha you thought 😂😂😂

Frimzy 🤔: fuck you🖕🏻

Me: I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂 you actually thought I was going to come and hang out with a stringer 😂😂😂

Frimzy 🤔: I'm not a stringer you know my name and a little bit what I look like

Me: yeah but you can still be a pervert

Frimzy 🤔:I promise I'm not!

Me: how can I trust you?

Frimzy 🤔: I promise! Like we can meet up somewhere else if you want?

Me: maybe I'm going to take my dog on a walk after my breakfast

Frimzy 🤔: okey maybe the park? At 12? 😊

Me: hmm okay but don't try anything🔪

Frimzy 🤔: okey I promise and I'm still no a pervert! 😕

Me: okey see you soon 🙂

I walked downstairs to find Olivia in the kitchen making pancakes, I put on some music and started helping her and after we were done we sat down.

"So what are you doing today" she asked

"I'm going to meet up with that random guy I started texting"

"Are you serious? You have no idea how he looks like or who he is! Maybe he will kill you"

"Olivia calm down you know that I can take care of myself and omg going to have Diesel with me"

"Okey but just be safe okey and you can take Max with you too"

"Okey thanks" I ate up and walk upstairs to change my clothes and put some makeup on

I decided to go I bit more natural today I walked downstairs and to the dog and started texting Frimzy

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I decided to go I bit more natural today I walked downstairs and to the dog and started texting Frimzy

Me: hey I'm on my way now

Frimzy 🤔: okey I will be there in 15

Me: okey see you soon 😊

Frimzy 🤔: 😊

I was almost there and he will be here in 10 so I decided to go to Starbucks. When I got my drink I took my dog and walked to the park in this park you can let your dogs run around with out a leas on so I let my dog go and I was just walking around looking at my phone we I got a text

Frimzy 🤔: I'm here where are you?

Me: I'm on the left side

Frimzy 🤔: okey I'm on my way

I stopped and my dogs sits right next to me. I spotted someone walking towards me and I think it's him I'm a bit nervous I don't know why I guess I'm just nervous because I don't know him or anything. As he got closer I could see that he was wearing dark blue jeans and a black shirt and I could really see his hair because he was wearing a cap, but he was covered in tattoos, I like it and we he was maybe 5 meters away from me I saw his face and I was shocked.

Hi I hope you enjoy my book! And I'm sorry again for any wrong spelling 😕 but I'm trying my best😊
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