Chapter 7: Hide & Seek

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(Hermione: POV)

Draco looked behind him anxiously, when Harry and Ron came in looked over to Lucius who was looking in the opposite direction, and then looked at us, Harry took out something from his bag, and threw it to me. I caught it and knew exactly as I felt the slippery silky fabric that it was the invisibility cloak, I put it around me, looked over to Draco, astonished but snapped back into a normal glum expression as a icy cold voice pierced ahead of him "Ah Draco, with Pansy and Blaise? I was just here because-" He looked over at the cup of butterbeer right in front of me. I had barely drank out of it. Lucius raised his eyebrow Blaise smiled then said amusingly "I just loveeeeeeeee butterbeers" He smiled childishly that was adorable. Lucius lowered his eyebrows, but eyed him very curiously before he turned and left. I take off the cloak and mouth the words to Harry to catch it, he shakes his head and I mouth thankyou, I go back to the table, and Draco insists we go back to our dorm. Blaise and Pansy nod. Pansy hugs me and I hug her back, as very silent and understanding as this all is they are good friends. I slip over the cloak in fright that Lucius could be lurking outside, I hover next to Draco as we walk back, our shoulders touching slightly. We don't say another word until we enter our room and close the door, I let the cloak slip off, and put it in one of my bags on the couch. 

(Draco: POV)

I walk over to Hermione and take her warm delicate hand, she looks up at me and kisses me gently. My hand finds its self tangled in her hair. Her lips are so moist and taste like strawberries. We stop and look towards the window to see a dark grey bird, I go over -open the window and it drops the envelope to the floor and flys away. I pick it up open it with Hermione holding my arm behind me looking over it, and we read the small writing written on the parchment I look puzzled at the words: 'Ready or not, here I come.'

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