Chapter three

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It was Monday, of next week and here I was getting ready for the second interview. I was determined to be better than the first considering last time it went horrible.
This time I wear nice black dress pants with a white blouse. I did my makeup routine and decided to straighten my hair, then put it in a high pony tail. I go for the same heels again and it was 2:50 by the time I left the house. I wanted to be early this time.
Once I get in my car, and turn on my GPS, I begin to drive. I try not to speed again because I did not want a cop pulling me over, Even though the last cop was cute as hell. I wouldn't mind working for him any day.
Around 3:25 I pull up and talk through the intercom.
"Here for an Interview" I yell out. This time the gate just opens. I didn't hear Mary talk back.
I pull up and walk inside. When I ring the doorbell I am welcomed by James.
"Welcome. Take a seat on the couch while I go grab some tea for us." He says with a nice tone. He was much nicer than last time. Maybe he was having a bad day last week?
I nod and find a seat on the couch. The couch was nicer than any other couch I've seen. But it wasn't near as comfortable.
I situate myself and get out my paper work for him to read over and just wait.
Minutes later he walks out with a tray full of cookies and tea cups.
In that moment I take the time to look over him. His jet black hair was put up with some gel. He was wearing a nice black suit with a red tie to go with it. The black really did compliant his glowing green eyes. He was handsome, but it didn't make up for him being an asshole from last time.
"Alright. Here we go, I'm going to look over these papers for a second and then ask you some questions." He says picking up my work.
"Okay." I say reaching for a cup and pouring some tea in it.
After I take my first sip, he lays the paper down.
"I've looked over them so now let's get on with the questions."
I set my cup down and sit up straight. I was nervous.
"Question 1: What kind of person do you think of yourself as?"
"I think I am trustworthy, hardworking and responsible."
"Hmm alright. What days are you willing to work?"
"Everyday if you would like."
"Does your husband or boyfriend care if you will have to work late or even some days live here?"
Live there? "No. I do not have a boyfriend or husband. I am willing to get the job done no how long it will take."
"Great answers. You have the job." He says, pouring his tea.
"Alright when should I start?"
"Today. You need to start moving your things into your room."
"I don't think it will be necessary to do that sir. I am willing to take the drive."
"All of my workers live here. Make sure your items are all here by tomorrow." He says getting up and putting away the tea.
I guess I'm going to be living with my boss. This could go really good or really bad.
I don't know why James was being nice all of the sudden. Maybe he realized that he needed a maid.
It was the next day and I had moved my stuff into my new room. My room was bigger than the one at my parent's house. My bathroom was attached to my room, along with a huge walk in closet. I was happy with this.
"Here is your schedule." James calls out as he slides a piece of paper under the door.
I pick it up and look to see that I work all week days and off on Saturday and Sunday. I was happy with this.
It was Tuesday so I was scheduled to work. James had me dust every room, vacuum any place that had carpet, sweep the hard wood floors and clean all of the bathrooms. I wasn't done until 5PM.
When I was done, he said he would call my room (yes we each had a phone in our room) if he needed anything.
I decided to take a tour of the building. It had 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 3 tv rooms, a play room that had a pool table and such. And also a giant pool along with a hot tub. It was bigger and nicer than my parent's house.
I hear my phone buzz and it was from my Best friend Lacey.
"Hey Allison, are you busy right now?? There is a huge hang out and you need to come." She texted me.
"I can't I work all week. But I'm off on the weekend" I text back really quick.
"It's summer girl! Party a little!" She texts back after a few minutes. (probably because she's drunk and can't find the letters.)
I think to myself, why not? I haven't been called to see if he needed me so why not and go out?
And with that I head back to my room and start getting ready for the party. Tonight will be a great night.
Or so I think it will.
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