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Sandra's pov

I woke up because our dogs were barking like crazy so I decided to go and see why I met Olivia in the hall

"What's up with the dogs?" She said And looks at me

"I don't know let's check it out" we walked to the living room and they were standing up and look out for the window we opened the door and let them out they were running around and I could definitely tell that someone was on our  property.
"That was wired"

"Yeah, but just let the door open for the dogs so they can run out and in if they want" Olivia said. I walked into the kitchen to make some breakfast and I get a text message from an unknown number

Unknown: hey

Me: who the fuck are you..?!

Unknown: Frimzy

Me: you must have got the wrong number Frimzy

Unknown: no I meant to text you 😉

Me: hmm okey but I don't want to waste my time on you so bye

Unknown: don't be like that! Come on let's get to know each other. I told you my name so now you tell me ur name

'This guy is so weird but I decided to keep texting him because I have nothing better to do'

Me: but you texted me and you said that you wanted to text me so you should know me name

Unknown: okey ur name is Sandra

Me: that's correct

Unknown: okey just to make this more interesting we can play 20 question

Me: okey u start

Unknown: okey what kind of music do you like?

Me: ohh I like everything but I mostly listen to like A$AP Rocky, Drake and many more

Unknown: you have really good music taste!

Me: ty! So how old are you?

Unknown: I'm 19 and hby?

Me: I'm 19, so have we ever talk?

Unknown: yes we have, I can give you a hint 😉 we met not long ago and I have black hair

Me: hmm I have no idea who you are.. Give me some more hints

Unknown: hmm okey I have brown eyes

Me: that doesn't make it any easier like a million boys have brown eyes..

Unknown: I'm well known

Me: do you mean like famous?

Unknown: yeah! I'm tall maybe 6'1

Me: Ur not that tall I'm 5'11😂
hmm this is hard..

Unknown: Omg you used a emoji 😱😂

Me: damn what a big deal 😂 I can use emojis 🖕🏻🖕🏻🤔🤘🏻👽🙃

Unknown: haha I just thought you did use emojis because you never used them😂

Me: whatever, I still don't know who you are..

Unknown: Hahhaha

Me: fuck off🖕🏻

Me: You should see what ur concert name is 😂😂

Idiot🖕🏻😂: what?? Tell me!

Me: okey its, "Idiot🖕🏻😂"

Idiot🖕🏻😂: what... Come on I'm not a Idiot...

Me: aww are you mad now?😂

Idiot🖕🏻😂: yes..

Me: aww sorry not sorry 😂

Idiot🖕🏻😂: fuck you 🖕🏻

Me: no I'm good😉, ohh btw I have to go text you later

Idiot🖕🏻😂: okey bye 😚

Olivia call me downstairs and we decided to go to the gym, and when we get to the gym I could stop thinking about This frimzy guy. Who in the world would name their kid Frimzy??

"Sandra" Olivia said


"What were you thinking about??"

"I have just been texting this guy and I have know idea who it is.. He says his name is Frimzy and that he has brown eyes and black hair, also he says that we have talked and I have no idea who he is.."

"Ohh I don't remember anyone looking like that" but don't think about it to much"

"Okey thanks" I smiled

After we gym we got home and made some dinner then I decided to go to bed because I was so tired

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