Chapter Fifteen

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Aqua didn't know where she was going. She just wanted to get away from them. She hadn't keys a casual question, and of course was made fun of. Aqua wanted to be respected, to be treated like everyone else. Not to be seen as a child, but that's how they saw her. The child.

She had been walking for a while, the sun began to rise. She could find the swords herself. If she found them, and showed everyone she wasn't a child, she would then get everyone's respect.

Ahead of her, wasn't much. Just fields, and a few mountains in the distance. Far ahead, Aqua saw a figure. "What's that!?" She said to herself, squinting her eyes to see the figure clearly.

Just then, the figure suddenly disappeared, but it reappeared a few seconds later. Althpugh it was closer, and she could see it better.

It looked like an old woman, Aqua couldn't see much, but she saw long white hair. Then, the woman fell onto the floor. Quickly, Aqua rushed over to her. It took her a few seconds, to reach the woman.

"Are you ok?" Aqua asked, leaning down over the woman. Who was covering her head with her hands, she was shaking uncontrollably.

Aqua backed away a few inches, slightly frightened. She began to walk away when the woman suddenly grabbed her wrist. She had a strong grip.

"Uh, let go please." Aqua pleaded, trying to pry her wrist from the women's grasp.

The woman looked up, she was the weirdest thing Aqua had seen. Her eyes were bright yellow, and her skin was extremely pale. A small mark was on her forehead. It looking like a compass. Aqua knew what this woman was, her mom had warned her about these things.

This woman was a witch.

Aqua couldn't scream, she was to shocked. She thought that witches had died centuries ago, and they did, but how was this one here?

"Hello pretty girl..." The witch said, her voice low.

"L-let me go please!" Aqua pleaded, "I won't tell a-anyone I saw you!"

The witch let out a menacing laugh, "Oh deary, I am not going to let you go that easy."

Aqua's eyes widen, she knew what witches so to people. They do horrible things. Maybe she should have stayed with the other girls, told them how she felt, instead of leaving.

"W-what are you going to do with me?" She asked, she voice trembling with every word she spoke.

The witch shrug, "Now, it wouldn't be a surprise if I told you, would it? Come lets go." She yanked on Aqua's arm pulling her with her.

Aqua didn't know where the witch was taking her, but she knew she was in trouble.


Sunlight hit Meadow's eyes, causing her to wake up. She stretched, and sat up from her sleeping bag. Blaze and Ariel were still sleeping, but she didn't see Aqua.

Confused, Meadow stood up, and walked to the other girls, seeing if maybe Aqua moved her sleeping bag elsewhere, but it wasn't there.

Meadow began to panic, had Aqua gotten kidnapped? Or maybe something happened to her while the others were asleep. Either way this was bad.

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