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Chapter- fourteen

"Where exactly are you taking her?" Maria asked the question that I desperately wanted to ask. Her voice held curiosity but mostly confusion.

But I was scared. Where would I go with him? To kill someone?!

Vitale looked at Maria and than at me before answering impatiently, "You will be staying with me,"

Okay, hold up! What?

"What?" I asked him, dumbfounded. Vitale was asking me to stay with him? And where exactly? In his room?!

And now that I gave it a second thought, I realized that I didn't know many things about who Vitale really was? I didn't even know where he lived. Even though, I see him here many times but most of the time he was not here.

He gave me an annoyed look, "Are you fūcking deaf?" he asked looking at me with his dark green eyes and I gulped in fear.

I shook my head and then he said," Then carry your ass up and pack your bags." He barked at me, narrowing his green eyes at me. I flinched at his voice. Why the hell he was angry?

"Vit," I heard Maria gasping, "Mind your language."

I mentally giggled, Vit. Ha! Vitale had a nickname.

He gave me a glare, God knows for what reason, before turning around.

I pouted, "Can't you be a little nicer to me?"I whispered mostly to myself and was hoping that Vitale would not hear it but he did. Did I say it aloud or he had some fine ears?

He turned around and I saw him gritting his teeth in annoyance, "If I was a little nicer to anyone then believe me, I would not have been here. Alive and healthy." He told me. His gaze never leaving mine and so do mine. I continued to looked at him, even though every part of my body was screaming to me to let it go. To look down.

But when I ever listened? If I had listened then I would have had been at home doing all the work that my so-called step-mom should do not here starring at a criminal.

I scowled a him. "You are always rude. Don't you have any feelings?" I asked him, narrowing my eyes at him. I was sick of his attitude. I was just sick of him.

What was wrong with him? Why he had to be so damn rude?

He was like a puzzle. And a puzzle means confusion- pure confusion. He always wore this mask around him showing everyone he was strong, ruthless and that he do not had any emotion.

But it was so wrong, I still remembered the look he gave to Maria- love, pure brotherly love. It was shocking for me to see him caring for someone but why not?
After all he is a human. Humans have feelings, no matter how tough he or she is.

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