[Chapter 17]

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*Perrie POV*

I have been here for a few months already, and I'm enjoying every second of it, except for the fact that Sam won't leave us alone. Totally not what I was expecting when I came back here.

I'm currently sat on Jade's kitchen counter with Karl, munching on some breakfast Norma made for us.

"So how's your brother?" He questioned. "I haven't talk to him in a while, but the last time I checked, he's still happily living with his girlfriend."

"How about you? How's life? How's Shireen?" I asked the eldest Thirlwall. "Oh, me and family are fine. We're planning to have a another baby soon."

"That's great!"

Ring Ring

Our conversation got cut off by my phone ringing. I apologized to Karl and answered the call.


'Oi' Pezzian' Niall's thick irish accent came through the phone.

"Hiya Niall, what do you want?"

'Just gonna tell you that we're not goin' to school today.'

"What why? Are you okay?"

'Totally fine.'

'Have fun in school anyway, don't miss us too much.' He yelled into the phone before quickly hanging up.

That was weird.

"Who was it?" Jade asked and I turned around to face her. "Just Niall, he said they're not coming to school today."

"Why?" I shook my head as I have no idea too. "Guess we're walking to school then." I grunted and stompped me feet on the floor, having a stupid tantrum.

"I don't wanna walk, I'm too lazy to!" I complained.

"You haven't changed at all." Karl smiled and shoved a piece of toast in Jade's mouth, making her choke on it.

"Now stop whining and start walking. You can't be late for school." He urged us out of the door. "Fine, we're leaving." We said good bye to Karl and started our walk.


We arrived in school and Jade held on to my arm. It felt unnerving how other people still talk about at us because of their 'break up'. But it's not the same as last time, I won't let them hurt me again.

"It's gonna be okay baba, I'm here." I whispered into her ear and she just simply nodded back. "Let's find go find Leigh and Jesy for defence ehh? Incase those girls assail us again." She agreed. Sam's troop of girls are still here, more annoying than ever.

We hurried to the direction of the school garden where we all usually meet up in the morning.

"Jadey!" We turned around, and Sam was rushing towards us. "What do you want this time, Sam?" Jade snapped. "Are you going to send your girls to attack us again?"

"I didn't know they would do that, I didn't tell them to do anything." He defended.

"I'll let you guys talk." I said awkwardly, and started to walk away to find the guys for help. "I'm goin' with ya." Jade followed close behind me.

"No!" Sam pushed me backwards with force, I stumbled back to Jade. "Just let me talk." He grumbled.

"Then why do I have to be part of this conversation?" I argued, but trying to maintain a calm voice. "It's because Jade won't stay if you leave, so just freaking stay!" He jabbed his finger on my chest until my back to hit the lockers.

"Sam stop, don't hurt Perrie! I already told you I don't want to talk!" Jade yelled. "So what?! If I tell you to stay, you are gonna stay!" Sam demanded furiously and fear filled Jade eyes. Think fast Perrie!

I opened my mouth to say something, but immediately shut it close when we heard Louis said, "Hey that's not how you treat a lady." It caught all our attention. Thank god they are here to save the day again.

"She said she doesn't want to talk to you, so leave her alone!" Liam glared at Sam, with Louis doing the same beside him.

"I don't care! What are you gonna do about it?" Sam raised his brow at Liam's, waiting for his response, which he never gave. "What's wrong big guy? Why aren't you saying anything? Come on team captain! I thought you were tough." He snarled, that irritating smirk remained in his face. It was visible how angry Liam was, his veins were practically popping out of his forehead. Sam grinned, knowing that Liam won't say anything.

"How about you?" His eyes are now in Louis's direction. "You think you are such a little charmer, don't you? No one even knew you exis-" He was cut off by Liam's fist hitting him straight to the jaw.

"You should be thankful that I only punched you." Liam fixes his hair quickly while Sam continue grunting with pain on the floor, using his hand to support his jaw. His friends charged to attack Liam and Louis.

"Stop! Don't make it worst." Sam raised his hand to stop his friends.

"Come on darlings." Louis smiled and patted our back. We follow them away from Sam and his pals.


"Where are you guys heading?" Leigh asked. They haven't left our sides since this morning. "I'm going home."

"Hey guys." Harry greeted when we were out of the school, he hugged his boyfriend for a second and turned to us. "Hey girls, I heard what happened this morning, are you alright?" We nodded.

"How about we go to your house and have dinner there?" He suggested. "Sure, I'll phone Niall and Zayn in a second."

"Jade please." We heard Sam say sternly behind us, we sighed in annoyance and turned around. "Get lost, unless you want another black eye." Liam threatened harshly, and stood in front of us like gallant knight.

"Sam just go away please! Let's not make more problems." Jade begged. "You're just going to make the matter worst, so please just leave!"

"No I won't go away! Nothing will make me go away. I won't lose you without a fight." Jade smirked. "Nothing?" She asked with a more playful tone, making us feel uneasy with her sudden change of attitude.

"Nothing will." He repeated, confidently confirming his answer.

Before I knew what the f--k was happening, I felt Jade grab a hand full of my uniform, and pulled me in a brisk kiss. It was only a quick contact of affection, but it made me feel like there is a butterfly garden inside of me.

I looked around nervously, everyone has their mouths open a gap, including mine. Sam's raging, you can tell from how his face turned and how pale his fist is becoming.

"Bye Sam." Jade said and pulled me away, with the others following behind us.

"I'm so sorry Perrie, I just needed him to leave me alone and I just thought that would help, I didn't really think it through properly, I'm such an idiot. Please don't hate m-." She rambled. "Hey, ca-lm down, It-t's fi-ine." I stuttered like a bloody idiot. "Let's just go girls."

I sat in the car silently the whole car ride, luckily no one mentioned the kiss the whole time. It stired up past feelings I wanted to forget. I glad that Zayn and Niall weren't here, or I would never hear the end of it.

"We're home!" They yelled and slid the key in the lock, surprised to feel it open.


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