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(Follow up to #12 original content. SMUT WARNING!)
Adrien told his mother about Marinette, and she allowed Adrien to go visit Adrien once a night. So when nightfall came Adrien became Chat Noir and snuck out of the castle. He climb up the vines on the side of Marinette's house and climb through her window. Marinette wasn't in her room so Chat looked around. Nothing stood out to him. Her room was beige and her floors were covered in dark brown carpets. Nothing on the walls, her bed sheets, comforters, and pillows were all white.

"Make sure to wake up early and prepare our breakfast! Wouldn't want what happened this morning to happen again, now would we?" A squeaky voice yells. Marinette closes the door with tears in her eyes.

"Princess. What's wrong?" Chat asked.

"Chat. What are you doing here?" Marinette says wiping her eyes.

"I missed you. I was a sad stray kitten and I needed my princess to make me happy." Chat says wrapping his arms around her.

Marinette giggles at him and wraps her arms around him. "Now tell me what's wrong?" Chat says running his fingers through her hair.

"I hate my stepmother and stepsisters. They are the worst people on the planet! This morning, I slept in by a few minutes and my stepmother slapped me, then told me that if I ever sleep in again then she'll stick a hot iron to my skin." Marinette says with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"No, she won't! Do you love me?" Chat asked furiously.

"Surprisingly enough I do. I love you." Marinette smiles. Chat smiles back.

"Would you believe me of I said I was a prince?" Chat asked nervously.

"Prince? Um... I'm not sure. You don't act like one." Marinette says.

"Well. I am. Prince Adrien. That is who I am." Chat says taking off his mask and Adrien appeared.

"Oh... hello. Do I have to bow or..." Marinette trailed off.

"No. Please still be the confident, goofy, sweet, and adorable girl that you are. Act the way you would act around Chat when you're with me. Please." Adrien says holding on to one of her hands, his other arm around her waist. Marinette smiles and kisses his lips quickly.

"So how is my kitty going to save me from the evil witch?"

"This kitty is going to kidnap you and take you to the castle." Adrien says putting his mask back on and picking up Marinette bridal style. They climb out the window and Chat runs, with Marinette in his arms, to the castle.

Adrien takes off the mask and the ears, giving them to Marinette, and knocks on the giant door, leading inside. "Open the doors. It's me, Prince Adrien."

The guards nod and open the door. Three maids were standing on the other side of the door and smile at them. "Gweneth, this is Marinette. Can you help her clean up?" Adrien asked. The maid nods. Adrien puts Marinette down and kisses her forehead. "I'll see you soon. Just have someone bring you to my room once you're done okay?" Adrien says looking at her.

Marinette nods and is taken away to the bathroom. Adrien is taken to his room. The staff that saw him and Marinette swore they wouldn't say a word to his father. His mother on the other hand is a different question. Adrien had on pajama bottoms but no top when he heard the soft knocking on his door. Adrien went to the door to see Marinette staring at the ground. He lifts up her chin and stares in to her bright blue eyes. She slowly moves into the room. Aiden closes the door behind her.

"Um... you can sleep on the bed and I'll sleep on the couch." Adrien says. Marinette looks at the bed and then back to him. Marinette slowly moves towards Adrien and kisses his neck. Adrien let's out on throaty groan. Marinette was pleased with herself for getting him to make that sound. She continues to nip at his skin even when he pushes her against the wall. "Princess." Adrien says moaning.

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