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(Original content. #10 and #11 were both original content. I just forgot to put it up here. P.S this imagine is what the same as the fairytale AUs.)
Today is the day of the ball. Each year the kingdom throws a huge celebration for no apparent reason, but everyone attends this ball. Everyone except one girl. Marinette was a commoner, she has always wanted to attend the ball but her stepmother disagreed every year. That never stop Marinette from wearing a dress she sewed and dancing around her room.

Marinette watch her stepmother drive away with her stepsisters. Marinette ran up to her room when they were out of sight, she opened the closet and smiled at her dress. It was a baby pink and covered in sparkles. It made her feel like a princess. Marinette washed up and put the dress on, she put on her baby pink heels and listened to the music playing outside.

Prince Adrien hated being a prince. He hated these stupid parties, his father insisted on doing so Adrien could find a wife. But Adrien never looked at any of the girls here for more than one minute. They were all somewhat nice, but not what he was looking for. He wanted a girl who could let loose, a girl that didn't want him for money, a girl that was very kind and sweet, a girl who cares about others.

The Queen noticed her son's bored expression and giggled. She excused herself and made her way the prince. "Sweetheart. Follow me." She said sweetly. He smoked and nodded. The two went into her room. She got a black suit out of the closet, along with a black mask and cat ears.

"I made this for times like these. I know you hate these parties. So go out to town for awhile. I'll cover for you." She smiles at her son. She hands him everything and leaves the room. Adrien puts everything on the hops out the window, taking off to the town.

Adrien frowns at the empty area. "Everyone must be at the ball." Adrien says to himself. He could hear the music from the castle loud and clear from the village.

"Obviously not everyone is at the ball." A small voice says. Adrien turns around and sees a beautiful girl standing at a window. "Hello." She smiles.

"Hello. May I ask why such a beautiful girl isn't at the ball, winning the prince's heart." Adrien asked. 'Not that you haven't already.' He thought.

"Not allowed. My stepmother doesn't want a 'lowlife' like me around royalty." The girl weakly smiles. Adrien climbs up the vines on the side of the house to talk face to face. She was even more beautiful up close. "So you're a cat." She giggles.

"Yeah. So what's your name?" Adrien asked.

"Now why would I tell a cute stray kitty like you my name?" She giggles again.

"So this kitty can know the name of the girl that will be in his dreams." Adrien smirked.

"Marinette, my name is Marinette. I'm going to call you Chat Noir." Marinette blushes. Chat chuckles at her. "Quite the charmer aren't you?"

"That all depends on if you're falling for my charm." Chat smiles.

"Well I wouldn't be talking to you if I hadn't, now would I?" Marinette says leaning closer to him.

"You're a very confident girl. I like that." Chat smirks.

"And you're very mysterious and I like mysteries." Marinette slyly smiles. The two were inches apart, Chat wants to kiss her so bad. He captures her lips and is blown away. Millions of fireworks go off for the two of them. They pull apart after a few minutes and Chat has lip gloss on his mouth. He licks his lips and smiles at the taste of cotton candy.

"Wow!" Marinette sighs. Chat smiles widely and leans in again. Right when their lips connect the clock strikes twelve. "You better leave before my stepmother comes back. She wouldn't like it that I've accepted a stray kitten into my home."

"I'll be back. Stay safe." Chat says quickly kissing her lips and then jumping down and taking off towards the castle.

He climbs up to his mother's room and changes back into his regular clothing. He wipes his lips with a handkerchief and stuffs it in his pocket. He leaves the room only thinking about Marinette. The girl of his dreams. The entire staff has never seen the prince in such a mood. He was dazed out and had a smile plastered on his face.

"Do you think he met girl?"

"She must be special. Just look at the affect she has on him."

"There's going to a new princess soon this means."

Adrien finds his way to the ball room. He's out of his daze. The staff was asked to not mention anything about a princess to the King and they all agreed.

"Hey Adrien." Prince Nino said smiling. "You were gone for a really long time. What's up?"

"I snuck out of the castle and I met a girl. She's amazing, Nino. Oh gosh. She was beautiful, she was kind, she was everything I want in a girl." Adrien smiles.

"Sounds like a dream come true. So who is she?" Nino asked.

"She's not a princess. She doesn't even know I'm a prince. I want to get to know her more first before I tell her." Adrien sighs.

"Okay. I wish you the best of luck. I'm going to go talk to Princess Alya." Nino says. Adrien smirks and rolls his eyes at his best friend.

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