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Welcome back to the Shadow Series

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Welcome back to the Shadow Series. I planned to start posting Vol II in the summer but the call was too great, so here we are... Volume II... and the madness continues.

Sven The man who never dies

Penny took a rip at him for good measure, but the permanency of his death is yet to come. How far will Marx and the others go to get rid of him for the last time? How many will die before they make up their minds? Being the man that he is Sven is sure to have some tricks up his sleeves.

Ava - The bringer of war

Driven by her guilt, Ava is determined to kill Sven and get back to Lansguard to fix what she has caused to happen. However, even with power, it is useless without her stone, and she cannot get her stone until Sven is dead and she cannot kill Sven until she gets the Book of Shadows so where does that leave her? All the power in the world will not help her until she finds another way to stabilize herself.

Marx - The reluctant Alpha

The battle wages on within him. He thinks he has accepted it, but clearly, a part of him still has not. How will he unlock his full self? Will he be able to resolve it in time? What will it take for the man, the wolf and the alpha to become one? Pain can change a person but desperation... that can push a man to the very edge. Whether over into greatness or madness is yet to be determined.

Vescovi, Anabella, Philippe - The Triad

The fight is moving to their world, and they stand to lose much. With Pentorium divided, Salvay, Passerini and their Purists on one hand and the Modernist on the other, what will either side do to win? How far will Vescovi and the others be willing to go in the name of saving their families and the humans that they have grown to value?

Salvay and Passerini - The anarchists

Chaos will reign in this world as they fight to get back across to Lansguard. There is no limit to their cruelty, no method too dark for these two as they seek vengeance for their foiled plans. However, they have something... something that could turn the tide back in favor of those who want the portal open. In the meantime... Pentorium will fall.

Penny - The beast. 

Since her turning, she has been hunting Sven. Her hate for him as made her more beast than a woman as the hate consumes all her humanity. Though she helps the others, her sole mission is to kill Sven—repeatedly—until the end of eternity. Will Marx and the others be able to tame the beast? Or will Penny become a liability? And if she does—is she unstoppable too?

Shea - The broken one

After years of being poisoned by guilt and self-loathing, will Shea be able to step away from her past? Will she be able to kill the embodiment of her failures? Moreover, will she be able to have a relationship with her mate? What is next for her if the chapter of her past closes? Also, what role will she play in dismantling Sven's plans? She will have the answers that the others seek.

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Those are some of the things to look forward to in this volume along with more adventures, magic and twisted science. The action will spread out of the country and out of this world... all roads lead to Lansguard. The series ends when both worlds are saved... but can they be? Will they be? And who will live to see the end?

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