Chapter 10 (Ten) - This is a set up!

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"You ready?" Asked the nurse.

"Yes doc"

I started feeling really weird after a while, and I mean really weird. I was meant to be in a coma right? But I was able to open my eyes. I don't know how, they just opened. No I wasn't dreaming, because I could see everything clearly.

I saw the hospital I was in, even though it pretty much didn't look like one. It looked more like somebody's bedroom, who they just tried to make it look like a hospital room. 

Although I could see, I couldn't move my body, well apart from my neck. Looking around the room, I saw the doctor & nurse who were suppose to be bathing me, but instead of bathing it looked like they where trying to mix some sort of chemicals together.

I'm not quite sure what they where doing, but whatever it was, I had a really bad feeling about it. I tried to get up and run but my feet wouldn't move just yet. I'm surprised my coma didn't even last long, I thought it was probably going to take months or years till I ever woke up. But I suppose one day isn't as bad. 

I looked over to my right side and saw some sought of notebook. Which had information about me, this is what it said :

Name : Marylin Jenkins 

Age: 13 

D.O.B : 12/August/1998 

Parents : Mr and Mrs Jenkins 

Cause : Fell down the stairs and is temporarily unconscious.  

Release : unidentified.

At first when I read this I began to laugh in my head, because they made a mistake. Because first of all Stan hit me in the temple, and second of all I was in a coma, not unconscious. 

Unfortunately, laughing in my head turned out to be actually laughing out loud, throwing my legs up in the air, I was laughing so hard that there was barely any noise coming out of my mouth, and I was just lying down clapping like a retarded dolphin.

But all that laughing was a big mistake, because it only lead me to something I wasn't quite expecting. 

The nurse turned around and faced my direction, then looked back, then looked back at me but this time for longer. She stood there amazed at how fast I had recovered as I still stared at her. She told the doctor, but he however didn't seem to be amused. 

They dropped the test tubes & syringe they where holding onto the worktop they where working on, and charged towards me. At this moment I thought I was hopeless and this was going to be the end of my life, but I then realised how earlier on whilst I was clapping I managed to be able to move my legs! 

As they charged towards me, quickly as I could, I removed all the wires of my arms and legs, aswell as other parts of my body and made a run for it, I'm not quite sure where I was going or where particularly I was, but all I knew was that I wanted to be anywhere else apart from here. 

I pushed the door open, and ran straight down the stairs. There where a lot of "men" aswell as kids my age and older down the stairs. The kids where tied up, and the men surrounded them. Good thing I'm not one of them! Although I could of been.

"Hey, stop her! She's getting away!" Said the doctor.

I looked back, and his narrow finger pointed at me. I turned back around, and headed my way to another door, which was bright, and colourful, maybe it was a room for babies or toddlers. 

I burst the doors open, and then stopped. The room was silent and all you could hear was me breathing heavily, the room was really dark, and I wasn't quite sure where I was.