11 - Fire And Ice

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I stood on my front porch, eyeing down the metahuman that had plagued my thoughts for weeks now. I hadn't really thought I would ever see her face again, but that happy idea was gone in a blink. "How did you escape?" I asked, the question out in the air. Killer Frost continued to beam across at me, flicking her white hair from her eyes. 

"Now a girl does't reveal all her secrets." She cooed, her gaze flickering across to firmly rest on Roy who was pressed up against the wall, his mouth forming a tight line. That's when I noticed her partner in crime beside him, blending into the darkness with his hand firmly holding Roy in place. 

Killer Frost looked back at me coldly. "You remember him, right? Deathstorm, meet the lovely Bombshell, I don't think you were properly introduced last time."

I did recognise her beloved partner, the man that had been at her side the night she had attacked us at the auction. Although that night there had been a third metahuman working with them but he was nowhere in sight. "No, I was too busy kicking your ass." 

Killer Frost merely grinned with my words. "From what I remember last time, you had a little bit of help from some breachers." I kept my mouth shut, watching her face. It had only been a few short weeks since the visit from Margo and Barry but the night was clear as day in my head. 

"Hmm...where are your little friends? Did they go back home?" Deathstorm asked smugly, his dark eyes resting on me. I shifted on my feet, knowing they were playing with me. They both knew the metahumans from the other world were gone. 

Suddenly before I could try and response, I heard a crash from inside, Douglas probably knocking something over in the midst of calling for help. Not that there was any help left in the city these days. All the vigilantes that had once graced the city were long gone. The only person he could call and let know what was happening was Ruby. "Why are you here?" I asked loudly, hoping the two metahumans standing before me hadn't heard the noise. 

Killer Frost shrugged, "Oh you know, just wanted to pop over and give you a little message from our boss."

My breath caught in my throat. "Zoom?" 

Deathstorm nodded, his hand slamming down on Roy's chest. A flicker of pain cracked on his face but he didn't make a noise and a flutter of pride struck through my heart. "Yes," Killer Frost replied cooly. "He's not the kind for letting silly metahumans get in his way."

I pursed my lips. "He thinks I'm a threat?" 

A growl came from Deathstorm, a strange sound that echoed through the dark night that surrounded us. "You're nothing. Not even a blip on his windscreen."

It was my turn to smile. "Well you wouldn't be here if that was true."

The two of them stayed quiet. "Where is your other friend? The one that burns things? Did Zoom happen to get rid of him, maybe? Did he not perform well enough?" I knew what had happened to the other metahuman. Zoom most likely had killed him, throwing him away like trash. He wasn't the kind of leader that spared lives, not when he didn't get the results he wanted. 

Killer Frost leaned in further, her face traced with a familiar anger. "If you don't stop your little plan, Zoom will personally come here and kill you all. Your stupid city won't last a night, trust me. The people you call family will die all because you couldn't follow orders. That is Zoom's message." 

I stepped forward, my face only inches away from her own. "You can tell Zoom to get ready. This war has already started. He started it when he decided he wanted to take over the worlds. He better prepare to lose because he's fighting a battle with two sides."

Killer Frost's signature grin fell for a moment, a flicker of fear running through her eyes. "Is that what you think Zoom wants? To concur both worlds?" 

I stayed quiet, my eyes moving back and forth between herself and her partner. Zoom had destroyed Central City nearly, the streets were filled with scared citizens and no hope. Star City wasn't far behind. I knew he had been attacking the other world where Barry and Margo were from but if he didn't want the worlds, what did he want? "What does Zoom want?" Roy asked, his voice a low grunt. 

Deathstorm glared at him, daring him to speak again. Killer Frost only grinned at him, her blue lips revealing perfect white teeth. "You'll have to stay alive to find out, pretty boy."

Roy made an attempted to move but Deathstorm was too strong, pushing him backwards with a flash of his power. I moved forward, my hand out ready for him to attack again. Killer Frost's hand threading through Deathstorm's pulling him away though. "Come on, let's go. Zoom will be waiting for us back home."

I watched as the two of them backed away, back down the front porch and onto the sidewalk. Deathstorm flamed up for show, his eyes watching me. Killer Frost kissed his flaming lips, a cloud of steam puffing around them. Even though there were villains, they were perfect for each other. Fire and Ice, the perfect balance. 

Roy moved back towards me, his arm brushing my own. We both stood there until the two metahumans were out of sight. "How did they get out?" I hissed. "And how did they find you?"

"I don't know," Roy admitted quietly. 

I turned to face him. "Did they hurt you?"

Roy tilted his head to the side, a coy grin lighting up his face. "Are you worrying about me?"

I crossed my arms over my chest, flicking my eyes away from him. "No, I was just asking. If you go get yourself killed, I won't bat an eye. Got it?"

Roy laughed. "Who are you lying to? Me or yourself?" The question shut me up, the answer floating around in my head. Roy stepped around me, heading inside. I waited on the porch, letting the fire in my chest burn down before following him, yanking the door firmly shut. 

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