Chapter 13

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No sooner does my alarm ring and I'm up. The excitement to see my mother again is something sleep can't defeat. I get up quite early, wanting to go the hospital as soon as I can. I get ready in a twenty minutes. I sip on some juice and decide to call dad. He tells me to come to the hospital after an hour so I have a lot of time. I decide to go to the grocery store keeping in mind the lack of food from last night. Dad would want to eat something when he comes home.

I put on my blue denim cardigan and leave the house. I walk towards my car but my eyes fall on my adorable neighbors...well neighbor. Noah. I see Xavier tickling Noah with a goofy grin on face and Noah laughing freely. I just stand and stare at them. That scene has me wishing for a younger brother or sister. Also, Xavier seems a completely different person like this.  He doesn't look like the usual smirking, teasing Xavier West. In fact, he seems the opposite. Carefree, loving and an adorable Xavier West. Thanks to my open staring at the duo, Noah notices me and squeals in delight.

"Hey Sammy, how ale you?" He asks and I smile.

"I'm all good Noah. How are you this morning?" I ask and Xavier stands there, just listening.

"I'm good too Sammy. Whele ale you going?" It actually takes me a moment to register his question but then I get it.

"I am going to the market. I have to grab some groceries. I'll see you later okay?" I ask and Noah nods. Xavier comes near to the fence separating our driveways.

"Good morning Sammy." He says out of the blue. I'm about to answer when Della comes out calling Noah's name. She comes near the fence too when she sees me.

"Oh hi Samantha darling. Going to the hospital?" Della asks.

"No, I'm just gonna go grab some groceries. I'll go to the hospital later."

"Oh, then Xavier should accompany you. I know you guys are friends already so I doubt you have a problem dear. I have to get a few things for myself too since it's Sunday tomorrow. Xavier, take Samantha to the grocery store and get the things I give you the list of." She says with so much enthusiasm, I can't bring myself to refuse her.

Okay. This was awkward. What do I say? No Della, I hate your son's guts and I don't even talk to him properly? Well no. Lame option.

"Samantha. Shall we?" Xavier asks politely and Della smiles in admiration. Little does she know how her son is not the perfect one he shows to be.

"Yeah, I guess," I mutter and he gestures towards his car. I go to their driveway and follow him half-heartedly. Della returns from the house with a list and hands it to Xavier. He shoves the list into his jean pocket and we both get into his car. Xavier turns on the car radio and a Maroon 5 song plays on. I nod and hum quietly. This receives me a questioning side way glance from Xavier.

"You like Maroon 5?" He asks.

"Yeah. Those guys make pretty good songs." I reply and he nods in approval. We both fall silent. I feel the fresh morning breeze on my face and I close my eyes in satisfaction and bliss. The serene scenes around makes the happiness and excitement resurface. All I can feel is optimism and energy flowing all around. Even Xavier doesn't seem annoying to me at the moment.

"My lady, we are here. If you would please get out of the car." Xavier's voice snaps me out of my happy daze and I blink, blushing.

"Yeah.I'm sorry. I just... um drifted away." I say and Xavier laughs a genuine laugh. He seems quite acceptable in that moment and I actually consider being friends with him.

I roam in the store, finding and putting everything I feel we might need. I have Della's list too because apparently Xavier found a cute girl near the reception and stopped by to charm her. Fine by me. I can work in peace now. I am in the toiletries section now. I have to buy myself a new shampoo bottle and also my favorite peach moisturizer.

"Hey Sammy," Xavier whispers suddenly from behind me in my ear and I jump in shock. That idiot! I turn to glare at him but our close proximity renders me speechless. I look up to his eyes and he does the same. We just stand there like that for some seconds when I spot an old woman coming our way. I immediately nudge Xavier lightly on his shoulder. He backs off and a smug smirk appears on his face.

"I told you, you won't be able to resist me for long Sam." I feel disbelief at this guy's nerve. I mean seriously? He was the one standing that close to me and now he is blaming the entire thing on me. Superb! I just ignore him and return back to my work.

It's about a half an hour when I'm done taking everything I might need recently. I also have Della's things stacked with me and we both leave. We are back in the car when Xavier turns to me.

"Wanna play twenty questions?" He asks and I blink in surprise.

"Like now?"

"Yeah. Like now Sammy." He says with a small eye roll. I don't know if I should agree to this. I mean the game is harmless but you have to be careful with Xavier. God knows what questions he might ask. I don't want sad past things to come up right now. I should just refuse and-

"I promise the questions would be simple and basic ones. Nothing too personal." He says as if sensing my doubt and I have to agree now.

"Okay. You go first." I say as he begins the car.

"Favorite color?" Xavier asks. Pretty simple. I hope it remains the same way.

"Blue and Black."

"Okay. Your turn. Shoot."

"Your favorite colors?"

"Well. Red, black and gray." He replies and I nod.


"Reading and dancing."

"Mhm. Okay. Your turn."

"Favorite singer?"

"Eminem and Radio Head." He says and I nod. He speaks again.

"Your favorite place to visit in the world?" He asks and I have to think about this one. I haven't traveled much so I really don't know.

"I don't know. Haven't traveled much. But I want to go Italy one day. It's oddly fascinating." I reply truthfully and Xavier nods at me. The conversation flows smoothly and I actually enjoy it. Maybe he isn't that of an idiot as I think of him. True to his word, he asks pretty easy and basic questions, nothing out of the line and I'm really thankful for that. It's the last question and it's his chance.

"When did you have your first kiss?" Xavier shoots and I fumble with my hands, blushing. Not because a kiss is a private subject for me but because I haven't had my first kiss yet. I loved Chase but I wanted to wait.

"Um... 15?" I stammer the response more as a question. I don't know how but Xavier seems to catch it and raises his eyebrow in doubt. I just shrug and look away not wanting him to see my flushed face. The drive ends soon and we pull before his house. I get out and say thanks carrying all my stuff. I walk towards my house when his voice stops me again.

"The drive was fun, Samantha. Thanks for coming with me." I look around and see a very and probably the most genuine expression on his face. The statement catches me off guard and I don't know what to reply. I just smile at him and hurry to my house.

I pull the blanket over her pale figure and sit beside her. I came here, to the hospital an hour ago and dad left for home then. She was awake then and I talked to her about a lot of things. About Della, Noah, and Xavier. I am sure if she was well, Della and she would have become really great friends. Then the doctors came in and gave her some injections. She fell asleep soon after. So here I am now, sitting and just watching her, sleeping peacefully. Every time she closes her eyes, a strange fear runs through me. The fear that she won't open her eyes again. But I assure myself to be positive because things are getting better and I can't be anything but thankful. I pull out a magazine from the table and just read to pass my time until she wakes up again.

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