Chances part 2

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We pulled back and put our hands up in defense." You." She pointed to me with her gun," Get over here." I gulped and walked slowly over to her." Gerald, get in the house." "No I'm not leaving her." "I said get in the fucking god damn house!!!" She screamed. He nodded and walked into the house nervously." Hey, girl, get in the car." I nodded and got into the car. She opened my door and tied my hands together and put tape over my mouth. She said," You know what, this slut doesn't deserve to be in the front seat. I'll just put you in trunk then." I screamed and tried kicking her." Bitch stop trying you're too weak." She dragged me out by my hair and threw me in the trunk like I was a wild animal. She tied up my legs so I couldn't kick anything." She riped the tape off," What?! What the hell do you want?!" She yelled." Let me go whore!" She growled," NEVER, GERALD GILLUM WILL BE MINE!!!" My eyes widened and I moved around. She looked down at me," Get comfortable, it'll be a long ride." I looked up at her, straight in the eye, what? I nodded slowly and she untied my hands and legs. I quickly got comfy and she said," Hold on." She quickly grabbed something from the front seat and ran back to the trunk where I was lying. It only took her about five seconds, so I didn't have enough time to run away. She stood there with a stuffed animal. I looked at it, she had (F/A) (favorite animal). I raised an eyebrow in total confusion," Here." She smiled slightly and threw it at me." N-now....shut up!" She tied me up again and put a piece of tape over my mouth again." Youre lucky im not a guy, or i would rape you." She growled and I whined. She slammed the trunk shut and drove far away.
Gerald's POV
I heard a car drive away, i quickly sprinted to the nearest phone. I punched in the numbers 911, my hands and fingers have never been so shaky.
"911 what's your emergency?" "H-hello my name is G-gerald G-gillum. U-um my g-g-girlfriend was just kidnapped by a psycho woman, she threatened us both with a g-gun, then she took (Y/N) (Y/L/N)." "Ok, what's the kidnapper's name?" "(Random girl's name) (Random last name). She had blonde hair, she's wearing something a stripper would wear, and she had baby blue eyes." "Alright, and where does she live?" "I-I'm not sure about where she lives, but I know where she works." "Ok police are tracking her. Where does she work?" "A strip club." "Name?" "Sassy girls." (A/N I have no idea, I couldn't think of a strip club name so I thought hard and thats the first thing that came up...) "Ok police are one their way there, and they will contact you as soon as possible." "C-can I come with them?" She sighed and thought for about five seconds," Yes, they'll pick y-" "No I'm just going to follow behind them in my car." "Ok."
~~short time pass~~
I was following behind the cops and we drove to 'Sassy girls'. After about fifteen minutes, we finally made it and I ran inside. I looked all around, I mumbled a song, cause when I get nervous I sing.
Came with my whole gang
20 of us walked up
Fuck you mean you need to see ID?
Bitch you got me fucked up
Had the owner come and get me
I opened a door, it was completely dark so I reached around for a light. I finally felt a light switch and I turned it on. I saw was (Y/N) locked up in ch-
Your POV
I heard the door and the lights went on. I smiled 'thank God Gerald's here now, I missed him'. I was ready for him to quickly unlock the cuffs on me, but (Random girl's name) came in and hit Gerald with a bat, making him fall to the ground. I screamed and tried to run towards him." Stay quiet bitches, or when I get out of jail, you're both dead." I cried and held Gerald in my arms. She ran over to me and said," You better shut the fuck up now (Y/N)." She kicked me hard and locked the door walking out.
~~another time pass~~
Gerald's POV
I woke up in (Y/N)'s arms. I looked around and then stared into her beautiful (E/C) eyes. I riped the tape off of her mouth." Come here sugar." She kissed me deeply, her cuffed hands tried to cup my cheeks. She rolled her eyes and pulled back," These have been on for the longest time and they're rubbing against my skin and it hurts like shit." I brought out a pocket knife and tried to cut them off," Cut the chains." I did as she said and all the chains were cut off. I carefully stroked her gentle, warm skin. She winced a couple of times." Ow." She said on the most painful burn." Don't worry love. I'll be gentle." She smiled kissed me again. I ran fingers up and down her arms and hands, legs, cheeks, even lips. Her lips were slight bruised and bloody, but we made out anyways.
After about three hours of cuddling, making out, talking, other stuff, we finally got out and went home. We went upstairs and cuddled in bed," I'll never cheat on you, I promise love." He pecked my lips and brought me closer to him.

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