Chapter 30: Ready for Battle?

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~Jasper's POV~

Chloe walked into the house with an overwhelming emotion of determination. There were a few other covens sitting in the living room with us. Chloe stood in the middle of the circle of vampires.

"Okay, so i need you to trust me." she started. "You need to follow my instructions exactly how i give them."

"Look, the vision said that-" Alyssa started, but Chloe cut her off.

"I know what the vision was of. I know everything that is supposedly going to happen, but i will not accept that as the outcome of the battle. I really need you to just trust me with this, okay? If you dont, we all will die." she said.

"Okay..but i dont think that trusting a young girl like yourself will help us win a battle against a newborn army and the remaining Volturi." Zafrina said.

"Trust me. It will." Alice said. We all looked at her.

"Just trust her." Bella said. What did they know that we didnt?

"Go on, Chloe." Carlisle said. Chloe started explaining her plan and i was honestly surprised. It was a really good plan. The thing is, she kept saying "Addie and i will handle the rest of it." and that made me get all confused. What will a couple of girls do that is worse than what an entire coven could do?

"Good plan." I complemented.

"Well i learned from the best." she said, a small smile on her face. Then she walked over to Alyssa.

"Mom, i need you to do something for me, okay?" she whispered. Alyssa nodded.

"Just look into my eyes and DO NOT look away NO MATTER WHAT. Just wait until i tell you to." Chloe said. We all looked at her skeptically. Addie went over to Chloe and put her hands on her shoulders. Alice and Bella went and stood behind Alyssa.

Chloe took a deep breathe and stared into Alyssa's eyes. It was sort of weird. Chloe's eyes seemed to change to a crimson color and then she started making a pain filled face. I started feeling horrible pain in my head. It was extremely excrutiating. I fell to my knees clutching my head. It wasn't my emotions though. It was Chloe's. I looked up and noticed that the table was starting to break under Chloe's grip on it.

~Chloe's POV~

I felt like my brain was exploding. So many new powers were registering in my brain at the same time. It was horribly painful. I wanted to shut my eyes and scream, but i knew that i couldnt just do that. I was aware that Jasper was on the ground, screaming and holding his head in pain. Some people were trying to help him, but he pointed at me. I was able to see all this through Alice's eyes.Carlisle tried to come over to be as a tear of venom slipped down my face. I didnt even know that was possible.

"Chloe?" he asked. I didnt dare open my mouth, i would start screaming. Carlisle tried to get to me, but Bella and Alice held him back.

"Chloe, i'm going to look away." My mom said.

"No!" i screamed. "Not yet! All will be lost if you do!"

"What do you mean?" she asked. I felt the pain in my head start to decrease as all the powers were now in my brain. As soon as my brain felt back to normal, i fell sideways out of my chair and everyhing went black.

~Carlisle's POV~

I raced over to Chloe and picked her up. I dashed upstairs to my office with Alice, Bella, and Addie right on my tail. Alyssa tried to come, but Addie pushed her out and shut the door.

"What just happened?" i asked them.

"Nothing." Addie said.

"She is just overwhelmed right now." Alice said.

"You guys are keeping something from me." i said. i really wanted to know their big secret. Why the twins were always dissapearing.

"Yes." Addie whispered. i bent down next to her.

"What is it?" i ask.

"You can't tell anyone." she whispered.

"I promise." i say.

Bella picks up Chloe and her and Alice jumps out the window. Addie pulls my hand and we jump out the window. She pulls me to an open place on the forest. The trees were broken and charred. Some of them were mangled. I looked at Addie, who was looking around the forest.

"Okay, back up." she said. i stepped back. She started deep breathing, then jumped, phasing into a wolf. I stepped forward towards her.

"You can phase?" i ask. She phases back and nods her head.

"Jacob knows. He ran into me while i was out hunting. So i am sort of a secret member of his pack." she says.

"Just like your mother." i laugh.

"That's not all though." she says, walking over to stand in front of a tree. She holds her hands out in front of her and lifts them to the sky. The tree starts to float. FLOAT. Then she claps her hands together and it crumbles to dust. Then she makes the dust float over to me and lets it drop at my feet. I look up at her.

"I have a physical and mental shield. I can move things and trap things in my shield." she smiled.

"Wow. Wht really happened to Chloe?" i ask.

"She really did get overwhelmed." Alice said.

"Her power is sort of like Alyssa's, but she has to look into the persons eyes for ten seconds and she gets a copy of their power. She was...downloading... all of Alyssa's powers." Bella said.

"And you might want to never make her mad, because...well...her powers are sort of scary. I think that she might make her fire and water snakes eat whoever she is mad at." Alice said.

"Her what?" i ask. Fire and water snakes? What are they talking about?

"You will see tomorrow at the fight. Remember, dont tell anyone. Especially our parents." Addie said. I nod. We all just talk until Chloe wakes up.

"I got it!" she shrieked. "I got them all! I have all of the powers! Oh my gosh, i actually did it!"

"Yep." Addie says. "By the way, i told Carlisle about our powers."

"Okay. No one else though, right?" Chloe asks.

"Nope." Addie replies.

"Good." Chloe says. "Well, i feel ready to take down an army tomorrow."

"You and you only." Addie mumbles. We all laughed.

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