The Lonely King

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^^ When I first started reading the book

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^^ When I first started reading the book.

^^ Now!


Seventeen year old Alexandra Knight doesn't know what to expect when she received an all-expense paid scholarship to the most prestigious boarding school in the world, Meilleur Academy. Deciding to make the nest she can out of it, she dives had to first into the glitz and glamour that makes Meilleur...well Meilleur.

And as all would know, a boarding school for the rich and successful wouldn't be complete without a band of arrogant, attractive and intelligent boys, better known as the school's very own royalty, worshipped by girls and bos alike. These boys  can't wait to graduate, but after getting acquainted with Meilleur's newest student, life at the academy becomes less of a bore and much, much more interesting...


Okay so when I first  posted this Story on here it wasn't even at a million reads yet, and now it's over 5 million. That's crazy! That's signifying a great book to read yeah?

It has easily become one of my top most favorite book on wattpad - and Lord knows I've read A LOT of them. The only thing that makes this book better is that it's a series! I'm practically obsessed with it. I'm on the third book already!

Catch up with me if you can.


Author: shevvie (one of my most favourite authors on here)

Status: Completed

Rate: Jaw Lines that Cut.

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