Surviving Adam Meade

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Claire had a life most girls wanted. She was pretty, popular, and peppy, until she found herself at a new high school witha guy hell bent on destroying her.

With his own set of issues and future full of expectations, Adam wanted a good season and a football scholarship, but he couldn't resist the fiesty demeanour of new girl on school.

Hormones will clash. Some will make it. Some won't.

This is: Surviving Adam Meade.


"Surviving Adam Meade...while it may be a very exquisitely written book, it still outlines the flaws and imperfections of what is everyday life."

-@my sister after I forced her to read it. (She's so nerdy).

I really love this book. I read it in one day, it's addicting.

Go read it guys. And let me just add in it's a sequel and I'm hooked.


Author: liveandlove10

Status: Completed (there's a sequel)

Rate: Free Pizza ❤💕❤

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