Chapter Twenty

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A/N I felt bad about the last chapter, so here's another one. This chapter is TWO weeks later.


"Fine," Chiron sighed. Percy grinned so wide that it felt as though his face would get stuck that way. Annabeth gave his hand a squeeze.

Finally, Percy thought. After a week of begging, Chiron had finally agreed. He was going to see his mom again.

As soon as he thought about the visit, panic welled in his chest. He hadn't seen her in a year. Now he lost his memories, went to hell, fought another war, was put in a coma, poisoned, and now was thin and pale and in a wheelchair.

Annabeth seemed to notice his change and mood and whispered in his ear, "It's your mother. Everything will be fine. She might even make some blue cookies."

Percy nodded, still unsure. Annabeth smiled and thanked Chiron as she rolled Percy out of the room. "If we leave now, we'll have all day," she said as she leaned over his shoulder. He nodded silently.

"Let's go get Jason and Frank to help you into the van." (A/N Its a Saturday so Frank is there.) She rolled him to the arena where they knew the two demigods would be.

And sure enough, when they got there, they saw Jason and Frank sparring with a group crowded around them. Show offs, Percy thought as he grinned.

Annabeth stopped Percy right outside the circle that had formed around the fight. They waited for a few minutes before the sparring demigods called it a draw (A/N Who do you think would win, Jason or Frank? Powers included.)

Jason noticed the couple and motioned Frank to follow him to meet them. Once they got in front of Percy, he saw that they were sweating, panting, and red.

Despite his nervousness, he said, "Somebody's a little out of shape huh?"
They smiled slightly. "Well, Fish Face, we've been too worried about you to train," Jason said.
"Ah, ah, ah, no blaming this on me. What about all that Roman self responsibility? Remember Jason?"

The boys chuckled, and Percy's nervousness dissipated. Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Would you two idiots help us?" She asked. But Percy heard amusement in her voice.
"Sure, with what?" Frank asked.
"Getting him into a van to see his mother."

All at once, his panic came surging back, putting an unsettling feeling in his stomach.

"Of course man," Jason said as they walked/rolled towards the boarder. Argus was waiting for them just past Thalia's tree.

Once they had made it down the hill, Percy put his hands on both Jason's and Frank's shoulders. They put their arms behind him and under his knees. They carefully lifted him and set him in the van. Annabeth then folded Percy's wheelchair and put it in the back.

"Thanks guys," Percy said.
"No problem," Frank said.
"Have a good reunion," Jason added.

Annabeth slipped into the car on the other side and held his hand. "It's okay. Sally is the nicest person I've ever met."

The whole drive was silent. When they pulled up in front of the apartment complex, Percy's stomach did backflips.

Annabeth got out of the van and appeared next to Percy on the other side. She unfolded his wheelchair. He put an arm around her as he slid into it.

Annabeth closed the car door behind him as she pushed him towards the entrance (lobby), yelling a thanks to Argus. He nodded his reply.

Percy could feel himself being rolled to the elevator, but his mind was wandering to all the times he'd had with his mother. It really made his heart ache to think he hadn't seen her in a year.

The elevator went up and Percy gripped Annabeth's hand to keep from slipping into a flashback. Annabeth had her eyes shut tightly. When the ding sounded, she pushed him out as quickly as possible.

They made their way down the hall. Percy's nervousness grew as he watched the apartment numbers get closer to his mother's and stepfather's dwelling.

As they pulled to a stop, Percy could practically hear his heart beating. Annabeth raised her hand to the door... And knocked.

He heard footsteps on the other end. The door soon swung open, revealing a disheveled Sally Jackson/Blofis.

When she saw who her guests were, she stopped cold. Her hand slowly made its way to her mouth and tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

Percy himself wasn't much better. His lip was quivering and he could feel the tears welling in his eyes. He could still make out Annabeth smiling like a madman beside him.

"Percy," his mother breathed. He nodded. Soon, two arms were wrapped tightly (but gently) around him.

He shakily raised his arms and rested them on her back. She pulled away but kept her hands on his shoulders. "My baby boy."

They stared at each other for a while until she opened the door wider and beckoned for them to come in.

Once the door shut behind them, his mother started inspecting him. She seemed to noticed the broken look in his eyes. But she continued on. Soon enough, she grabbed his arm and yelled, "Perseus Jackson! Is that a tattoo?!"
"About that-"
"Percy?" Paul's shocked voice sounded from the hallway.

Percy turned his head to him and smiled. "Yeah Paul, its me." He was engulfed in yet another hug.

"Now," his mother continued, "explain to me why you have a tattoo and about a hundred new visible scars since that last time I saw you."
"You might want to sit down for this," he told her as he began his story.....

A/N Two chapters, yay! Hope you liked it. Since I'm going to be on Spring break, I'll try to update more often.

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