Nobody's Angels

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Hebrews 13: 2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

No one saw. They couldn't. But if they could have seen, they would have always, always said yes. But no--no one saw. After all if they had it would have defeated the entire purpose of the test. Either way, eventually they each realized the consequences of their actions-or lack there-of. A blessing or a curse. The choice was always theirs. 

Oh but if they could have seen they would have first glimpsed how the other world's glory faded as though a veil was drawn across a stage. Then they would have seen Raziel's translucent, pure wings evaporating, like water into the air. Also his heavenly attire was stripped away, replaced by filthy, torn jeans and a t-shirt stained and ragged. His silky white hair turned into a dark, grimy brown. The only thing that may have hinted at his heavenly origin (if anyone took the time to look) was his violet blue eyes which would not lose the radiance of heaven.  

As the transformation was completed, Raziel was left on his knees. He shivered, for the t-shirt was not sufficient protection against the cruel howling wind. Human senses gripped him. First the shivers, then the stench of various decaying food that almost caused him to hurl, then he saw the source of the offending smell-the trash that littered the alley. Pain also assaulted him as his stomach rumbled in hunger. Yes, Raziel had fully taken on humanity's form. Moans pierced the night as he rose and began to walk. Along the way he passed many of the beloved, the forgotten of the world. This was why he was here. 

By walking among them he would test the hearts of humanity, and perhaps, just perhaps they would pass... perhaps then they would remember the Father's beloved forgotten.  

As he walked he saw a man, digging through the filth, with hungry desperation. Raziel could feel his pain, so kindly he touched the man. Their eyes met, Raziel's warmth transferred to the man, filled him and the man's hunger abated. It was a small mercy, and temporary, but a mercy none-the-less. 

"What is your name?" asked Raziel. 


Raziel smiled knowing full well that this man was not a John. Maybe he was a John Doe in the world's eyes, but he was not a John Doe in the Father's eyes. 

"No, your name is David." 

The man blinked, and then nodded fearfully. 

"Don't be afraid, be at peace." With that Raziel touched the man's heart and instantly the fear vanished. 

"Now, David, may I borrow your sign?" 

David shrugged and sighed heavily. "Take it, anything for a fellow nobody." 

Raziel's smile broadened, for even behind the pain emitted by his words, he felt the man's selfless generosity. Out of nothing, he gave his everything, oh and he would be rewarded. Yes, the Father of all Nobodies would indeed reward David. 

"Be richly blessed David." As Raziel spoke the words, he saw heaven begin orchestrating already this man's reward... oh to be there when it happened, now that would be a gift indeed. 

Smiling he continued walking, eyes piercing the dark night, searching for the next one who would receive their just reward... or curse.

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