Let's Be Superheroes [Boy x Boy]

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"That's it! We'll be superheroes!" The younger boy cried out, suddenly jumping to his feet and fist pumping the air. He was so young and naive... But that didn't stop him from grinning like he had just won a championship. Proud, he was, of the idea he just came up with, and he looked determinedly out towards the sunset as if he jus found the answers to the world.

It was all very cliche, the other boy noted. He didn't want to ruin the moment, but he wasn't as naive as his companion... Logic did have to be faced even though he wasn't entirely sure he had heard the other one right.

"We'll be what?" He asked, making sure the declaration of becoming superheroes wasn't just in his imagination.

“We’ll become superheroes!” His friend cried out again with the same enthusiastic behavior.

“John…” He tried to reason, unsure if the blonde was beyond that yet.

“Tyler, listen.” Finally, the kid turned back to his friend, grin still held in place. And it was with that grin, that Tyler couldn’t help but wonder if maybe there was still some hope left in the world after all. But no, there wasn’t. He wasn’t as innocent as his friend, and he knew that ‘becoming superheroes’ would be impossible.

“If we become superheroes,” The boy continued, “then people won’t pick on you anymore! They’ll start to love you! Don’t you want that?! We’ll be the thing everyone will depend on! It’ll be awesome!”

He turned back to face the sunset, a proud look on his face still yet. Tyler could only stare up at his friend, and he found himself unable to believe the younger one.

“John…” He tried again, but John was already a step ahead of him as he turned and flashed the elder a grin.

“Don’t worry. Just trust me, okay?” Little John asked.

And when he put it that way, well, how could Tyler not trust him? This was his best friend, and anytime John told him to trust him, it always came out good in the end. Always.

And maybe that’s why he had fallen for the boy those many years later.


I wanted to start a new story, and well, here it is n_n" Let me know what you guys think :D ?!

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