Chapter Nine - I Call You Up

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"William, we need to talk. Please come to mine."

First voicemail. William wasn't bothered.

"William, please. If you're not going to come over, at least pick up the phone."

Voicemail number two. Nothing.

"Bilvy, please don't ignore me. Pick up the phone."

Not affected at all.

"Bill, I'm sorry." Gabe was close to tears, William could hear it in his voice. "Please just talk to me. Please."

The voicemails had started getting to him now.

"Bilvy, please talk to me. Not about the kiss, I just want to talk." Gabe was actually crying this time, and William's hurt sunk all the way to the bottom of his stomach. "Pete just broke up with me. I need someone to talk to and you're the someone I need. Just come to my house. Please."

The last voicemail had only been sent five minutes ago. William grabbed his jacket, said goodbye to his parents and ran out the door.

When Gabe opened the door, he was greeted by a strong hug. He was taken aback briefly, but didn't hesitate to hug back. The tall figure clutching his body released, his eyes meeting Gabe's tear-stained face. They went inside.

"Are you okay?" William asked, placing himself on the sofa and putting a hand on Gabe's protectively.

"I, uh... no, not really."

"Why'd he break up with you, if you don't mind me asking?"

"He, uh, he said he wasn't feeling it." Gabe sniffed "I can't force him to like me but... I don't know. I'm not even that upset that he broke up with me."

Silences were practically routine for the two of them. Gabe just sat and sobbed into William's shirt for a bit. William hear Gabe mumble something incoherent - something ending with "you".


"I said, I wish I could be like you." Gabe lifted his head, their faces dangerously close together. "You don't cry for stupid reasons like boys."

"No, I do..." William mumbled, thinking about the night before. He hoped Gabe didn't hear him and - luckily - he didn't.

"Could we go back to yours? My dad's going to be home soon and I don't want him to see me like this."

"Can't, my parents are in. You want to go to the hill instead? Some fresh air might be good for you."


Gabe had stopped crying by the time they reached the hill, but his cheeks were still wet and his heart was still broken.

"Y'know," he sniffed "If we ever hate each other, I'll never be able to come back here. Too many memories of you."

"Well then, let's stay friends." William sat down on the grass beside him, pressing their bodies close together. Gabe could feel himself softening at the intimacy.

"What if one of us wanted more?" Gabe mumbled, praying to every deity and their mums that William didn't hear that.

"What do you mean?"




Just a short little chapter to come back off hiatus with, along with a promo for one of my favourite bands in the whole wide world (can I get a free album now????).

A few things before you continue to the next chapter;

1) I am extremely British. Born in England, raised in England, living in Scotland. I'm far too lazy to change every British expression to become American and I'm doubly too lazy to take the u's out of colour, favourite and whatever else you Americans like to spell wrong (yes I mean aluminium. It's aluminium, not aluminiuiqwnohwfosoiri).

2) I DON'T PROOF-READ MY WORK. Please, if you see spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, LET ME KNOW. It's not annoying or anything, it's actually suuuuuuuuuper helpful for my lazy arse.

3) I might upload a Sellachich fic within the next few weeks. Welcome to Hell.

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