Chapter Eight - Rumour Has It

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"This is all up to you, Bilvy. If you want to stop, we will. You sure you want to do this?"

"I'm sure."

Gabe put one hand on William's cheek and held his hand reassuringly with the other. He pressed their lips together softly and William pulled away almost instantly.

"You okay?" Gabe asked, wanting nothing but the best for his friend.

"Yeah, it's just... a bit odd."

"We don't have to do this. It's your choice."

"I want to do it. I trust you."

Gabe's heart fluttered as he kissed William again. He didn't pull away this time - instead he unclasped his hand from Gabe's and moved it slowly up his partner's chest to his neck, pulling him closer. Their mouths started moving gracefully together as the kiss deepened and Gabe slid his free arm around William's waist protectively. They pulled away, Gabe pressed his forehead against William's.

Without thinking, they kissed again.

Three weeks later, a rumour spread around that Gabe had kissed Pete Wentz while drunk. The next month was swarming with rumours about the two, ranging from sleeping together to circlejerking with Brendon Urie. Suspicions were confirmed when Vicky found Pete sucking Gabe's dick behind the school building. William was the first person she told.

He didn't know why, but it hurt a bit. More than a bit. He couldn't put a number on it, but if he could it was certainly high enough for him to be mad.

"Hey, Beckett!" William heard a yell behind him on his way home. He turned around to see a very cheerful Gabe Saporta, hand locked with that of an equally cheerful Pete Wentz. He didn't know whether to be nice and happy for Gabe or to be bitter and rude. Without properly thinking, he chose the latter.

"What do you want, Gabe?" He rolled his eyes, taking his phone out of his back pocket and putting one earphone in.

"I was just walking home with Pete and it turns out he lives near you."

"Well, good for him." William turned away, putting in the other earphone and walking slightly faster.

"Bilvy, wait." Gabe grabbed his arm and William rolled his eyes as he reluctantly stopped by Gabe's side. "I meant that maybe we could walk home together?"

"No thanks." William wished he had a witty reply, but the words were leaving his mouth before he had the chance to conjure up a sarcastic comeback. He kicked himself mentally.

Gabe let go of Pete's hand, leaving him stood awkwardly behind the two of them, and grabbed William's shoulders, lowering his voice carefully.

"Is this about the kiss?" he asked.

"Maybe." William's voice was anything but quite. Maybe he was getting cocky, but if Gabe Heartbreaker Saporta could find a kiss so meaningless then his boyfriend had no reason to be surprised.

"Bilvy, please don't let Pete hear about this. Let's talk about it later, okay?"

"You know what? Fine. We'll talk later." William exclaimed, his tone practically throwing his arms up exasperatedly for him. He put in the other earphone, turned his back to Gabe and stormed away angrily.


Sorry for the short chapter - the next section was way too long to put into this chapter too! I'm thinking of doing album recommendations at the end of each chapter, would you enjoy that or would you rather I just stick to writing fanfics? Please let me know thank you xoxoxo

Also this chapter (besides the A/N) has exactly 500 words and it's so satisfying.

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