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•Lunar's POV•

The atmosphere seemed extremely eerie once we started down the Genocide route.

I mean, it wasn't as scary as you might think. Flower petals of different colors littered the ground, and animals of some sort were singing melodic tunes.

Derrick was clutching a bag full of gold, and whistling along to the songs.

"What're the animals that are singing?" I asked him.

"Last I checked, they're called Cilo-Vans. They're very rare, and usually sing when something has died. And they usually only live in the Underground," Derrick informed me.

"Don't forget the number one fact, Derrick! They're also invisible. Only people who've seen death with their own eyes can actually say what they look like!" Frisk piped up.

"Can you see the Cilo-Vans, Lunar?" Papyrus asked.

I looked up at the jagged trees, their branches turned maliciously, and saw a small little bird.

Except, it wasn't a bird.

It had skeleton wings, three small blue eyes, and a razor sharp beak. It was the color of a burnt marshmallow, and I noticed that it was singing, but its beak wasn't moving at all.

"Yes. I can. And they're beautiful in their own way," I said, and walked on, away from the Cilo-Van.

"What do they look like?" Frisk asked excitedly. I went into deep description, and when I finished, Frisk's mouth was open.

"I've been in the Underground for nearly seven years, and I've never been able to see what they've looked like. Of course, Chara could see them, but she never explained them to me," She said, clutching even more tightly to Papyrus's

The path curved upwards, and my stomach started to growl. "Damn, I'm hungry," I said as the ground became level again.

"I know, me too. I could really go for some-"

Derrick was cut off as he looked at a Nice Cream cart, with a sign that told the hours, hanging off it's hinge.

"I suspect he's bailed out, Nice Cream Dude," Papyrus said, as he looked into the cart.

"Hey, lookie here! There's loads of Nice Cream in here!" Frisk exclaimed.

I looked at Derrick and he smiled as he set a couple of gold on the top of it. We all ate the Nice Cream happily as we walked on, towards the destination of Sean's hideout,

with the Cilo-Van's music ringing in our ears...

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