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"Emotional Reaction Description"

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     I walked down the creaky steps and the air got cooler and cooler. It could've been because "warm air rises" according to scientific laws. However, it could've been ghosts, or maybe I'm too imaginative. I choose the second choice of the three. I felt a sudden chill in the already cool air and had to bite my tongue to keep from screaming. It really was a spooky place, all alone.

     The lighting was dim and the shadows looked nefarious. The wood under my feel was ice cold. I shivered but not from the temperature. I walked a little bit farther but it was very arduous. I heard a sort of crashing din and jumped almost five feet in the air. The wood I walked on groaned and seemed to say "Go back, go back".

     Any courage I had seemed to melt away, leaving my sanity feeble. The ominous shadows reached out toward me. Really, they did! My heart started beating at a dangerous rate when the shadows touched my skin and crawled slowly up to my knee. I wished I would've listened to my premonition earlier, but then again, wishing gets us nowhere when we're cornered by death. The daunting shadow was so cold that it burnt my legs, leaving behind blisters on both my legs and soul.

     I could feel it taking any hope and bravery out of the room, leaving everything somber and nervous. All I could do was stare at the monster as it disappeared up the stairs where everyone else was. I stood frozen as I heard the screams of my family. I was nailed the that one spot when it seemed as if everyone in the world was simultaneously screaming. My heart even stood still, just for a second. Suddenly everything was silent. All I could hear was my heart pounding again. Then an awful scream erupted from my throat.

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