Chapter 1 -|Audrey|

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(Audrey and Daniel)

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(Audrey and Daniel)

**Mr Deception takes place 3 years later**

Audrey looked at Daniel and smiled. The two love birds were curled up in their shared king size bed snuggled under the crisp, five hundred thread count, white satin sheets. It was Saturday morning and the two decided to sleep in. Lucky for them, Audrey's parents were in town to visit the two and meet the man that seemed to capture their daughter's heart. But while they were here for the next few days, they also wanted to spend as much time with their adorable three year old grandson as much as they could.

Shaun was the light of their world as he was Audrey's and Daniel's. He was now three and so much of a handful. He was in the always asking 'why' stage and having an attitude on him that was fit for a dram queen. For Shaun's age he was way more advanced in speech and mentality than most kids he was around and to Audrey she just knew she had her a little baby genius amongst her hands. He was as big as a six year old and talking over two hundred plus words. Daniel insisted in putting him in early start, Audrey agreed. She wanted her baby to excel in all aspects of his life.

Audrey looked back down at Daniel then kissed his forehead before climbing out of the bed and heading into the master bathroom. Placing her hands on the sink Audrey looked in the mirror and smiled. She was more than happy with the life she had now. In a few weeks Audrey was meeting with her publishing house to talk about getting back into writing. After trashing her old book, she took a hiatus. She had more than enough means to do so and she just didn't have the heart to. But with the encouragement and unlimited support from Daniel, she decided to get back in.

She couldn't lie, she missed the feeling.

Audrey placed her hands on her face and thanked the heavens that she didn't let the trials of motherhood get to her. After she had Shaun, she got right back into getting in to shape. Within six months she was able to get the body back that she had of course keeping her wider hips from child birth and even thicker thighs, she'd cut her locks that grew with her pregnancy and said no to weaves by rocking a cute short cut. The only thing she recently changed about herself was getting a breast lift and adding a little extra from all that breast feeding. She was now a C cup. Her eyes still held life and her face youthful than her nearing age of 30.

Audrey shook her head slightly. She didn't even want to think about that. Where had the years gone?

"Baby, what are you doing staring in the mirror?"

Audrey still looking in the mirror, directed her attention to the doorway to where Daniel was leaning on with only his satin Stewie Griffin pajama pants. His warm honey eyes were still tired but he held a lazy smile while looking at Audrey. To him, even in the morning she was still a beautiful Queen. Audrey could say the same for Daniel's morning appearance. Her eyes wandered over his exposed tattoos that labored his entire chest, and muscular arms. She could easily spot out his newest tattoo of an infinity sign tattooed on his collar bone. It was a symbol of his infinite love for Audrey and Shaun. Audrey fell in love with the tattoo so much, she went and got the same thing tatted on the inside of her wrist.

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