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I was getting my last boxes and put them in the car. "Kawaii'Chan is going to miss Aphmau'Sempi"Kawaii'Chan said."I'm going to miss you to. But I think this is a next step to mine and Aaron's relationship "I said. "Ok bye"she said. I said bye to Kaitlynn then headed off. I walked in and saw Aaron on the couch. "Hey babe "I said. "Hey"he said getting up to help me. "Are you sure you want me to move in"I asked. "Yes"he said picking me up bridal style. "Put me down. "I said. "Why should I"he laughed. "I'll make you sleep on the couch"I laughed. He looked at me for a while. Then put me down. "I love you"he said kissing me. "And I love you"I smiled. We finally finished unpacking so we watched some movies. "So do you want to go to bed"he said. "Sure"I said standing up. He then walked to me and kissed my neck. "Aaron stop"I said. "Fine. Only because I love you"he smiled. We walked upstairs and we went to bed. Tomorrow will be a good day.

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