Malfoy Manor

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"No, Harry you said his name!" Hermione shrieked when the awful name left Harry's lips with venom laced around them.

"What? Oh fu-!"

Death eaters filled the forest with their black smoke they emitted when traveling. Time was almost still for a few moments—it was deathly quiet and no one seemed to move. You could hear the wind whistling and the tussle of leaves as they tried staying on trees.

Then the screaming came. Swarms of death eaters gathered around Harry and his friends, pinning them to the cold forest ground. Many had to hold Harry down and stop his thrashing.

"We've got twelve wands pointed at you! Surrender now!" A raspy voice yelled. Harry stopped struggling and met the gaze of Hermione, who was laying near a tree.

Hermione quickly went to action and threw a blinding spell at Harry, causing him to hiss and put his face in his hands. He felt as if he had been stung by a swarm of wasps repeatedly— he could feel his eyes swelling shut, his nose closing and making it harder to breathe, and his lips were bloating so much that they stated to crack and bleed.

Harry looked down at the ground again and started breathing heavily through his mouth. He could feel the ground vibrating underneath his cheek as someone came walking up near him.

"You," the voice rasped. "Get up."

Harry listened to Fernir Greyback and quickly sat up. Greyback grabbed his cheeks in one hand and snapped his head up to meet his intense stare. Harry blinked rapidly, or as well as he could with his eyes almost swollen shut.

"Grab him."

At least five death eaters obeyed Greyback and went running to Harry, who tried thrashing for about two seconds before he felt a wand digging in his back. He halted his actions and went limp in the groups clutches.

The next thing he felt was Side-Along Apparation. The death eaters took a big clump of Harry's hair and yanked up, making Harry stand up. They shoved him over toward the gate and called over Bellartrix

Bellartrix came skipping out when she ward of the glorious news involving the Chosen One. She pranced to the gate and pressed her entire body up against it. The first thing she did was gag.

"What happened to the ugly ones face?" She asked, faking disgust.

A death eater grabbed Harry's hair again yanked at it, revealing a slight scar—the part not covered up from the stinging jinx originally casted on him.

Bellartrix rounded her mouth into a smile, showing off her yellow-white crooked teeth. She let out a laugh and opened the gate, hollering a single word back to the Manor.


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