E-mail My Heart [Lirry]

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A/N SURPRISE ! Here is my new Lirry baby :D I hope you guys will like it?

[Disclaimer: I do not own One Direction nor do I get money from writing. The plot and the book belong to me, they are the result of very long hours of work. Please do not steal my works. AND last but not least, everything in this story is fictional.]

Gay closet. That is what Liam Payne and Harry Styles from One Direction have been reduced to. They didn't tell anyone around them, not their family, not their management, and above all not their fans nor the other boys. It's not that they do not trust their family or mates, it is because they are scared. Do you want to know why? Because they secretly fancy one of their band members. The thing they don't know is that, they fancy each other. But I guess that is how love is. Complicated.

When the urge to express their feelings become too strong for them to bear, there is nothing left to do but confess. Don't be too happy. Everything is not pink and rainbow cakes. The only way they found to express their feelings is to do it under cover. Both had the same idea: infiltrate the One Direction fandom as boy directioners. Now, meet two average fanboys: James , Liam's alter ego, and Ed, Harry's alter ego. By some kind of miracle, or maybe it is destiny trying to reunite what is meant to be, James and Ed become very close e-mates...

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Dedication goes to @IrishPerfectionNiall for doing the cover.

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