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"Alright, there it is!" I announced loudly to catch Ryder's attention.
He was really tired of driving, since Trevor's studio was pretty much far from our town.

I got down from Ryder's motorbike and handed him my helmet.
I still couldn't believe that I had just been on that horrible vehicle. But, I couldn't complain. Ryder loved his bike. He had even named 'her' (bike) as 'Rachel'.

Well, Ryder and Rachel. It kinda made sense. I had a hunch that Ryder's bike was named after a person, but his past was a sensitive topic. I wasn't going to ruin our happy moment by digging up his history. So I kept my mouth shut.

Ryder got down from his bike with a sigh and read out loud,"Trevor's Fashion Studio." He was looking at the big sign at the top of the studio.

As we entered Trevor's studio, the little bell clinging to the door, chimed.
Trevor didn't notice as we went inside. He seemed too focused on drawing a design.

"Hey Trev!" I said, trying to get his attention.

"Hi Tam!" He said in a bored voice, without glancing up at us.

I nudged Ryder in his side, asking him to greet Trevor.

"Uh, hello, Trevor!" Ryder's deep voice announced.

Trevor immediately glanced up from his work and it looked like, his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.
Trevor's mouth was hanging open and then a big grin formed his lips. Revealing his dimples, he looked like a kid at a big candy shop.

"O my God! Please tell me that my eyes aren't betraying me. Please tell me that he's real." Trevor said in a giddy voice.

"Uh, he's real." I said, pinching Ryder's cheek for an effect. Ryder scowled at me and I shrugged innocently.

"Pinch me, Tamara." Trevor said and I happily obliged. I pinched his arm.

Trevor jumped, rubbing his arm and gritted at me,"Geez! You pinch like you're trying to wake a dead man."

"Sorry." I chuckled.

"Okay, introductions. Ryder, meet my best friend - Trevor Grey. And Trev, meet my... Uh, never mind. Meet Ryder Henderson." I introduced them to each other. Trev didn't notice my hesitation while introducing Ryder. But Ryder caught onto my turmoil.
Who was Ryder to me? I couldn't help but wonder.

They both shook hands and within a few minutes, they were behaving like they had known each other for their entire lives. Well, their bonding was obvious since they both loved bikes.
And then, there was me who hated bikes with a passion.

Trevor took our measurements. He had decided on a black tux for Ryder and a navy blue flowy knee length dress for me.

Honestly, Trev was surprised to see Ryder being so comfortable with me. Trevor literally choked on air when I told him that Ryder was going to be my date for April's wedding.

After Trevor, it was time for the Hospital.

To say that Ryder was as stiff as a rock, was an understatement. When I told him that we had to go to the Hospital for his treatment, he acted like his beloved bike was stolen or something.

We arrived at the Hospital and Ryder was asked to wait for some time, till all the prepping was done.

"I'm so glad that he found you, Tamara." Dr Tatiana said to me.

I glanced over at Ryder who was sitting on a bench and replied with a smile,"Actually, I'm glad that I found him."

"But, is he just a patient who you were supposed to cure? Just someone, who you were supposed to convince, about the importance of his treatment?" she asked me with a knowing smile.

"I don't know. But, he is definitely not just a patient to me. Not anymore. He has become so much more now. I mean, sure in the beginning, I just wanted to convince him. But now that I've come to know him, he has taken an important place in my life." I replied honestly.

"Don't ignore these feelings, dear. I'm sure that they'll mean a lot to the both of you." Dr Tatiana said and then left me with my thoughts.

I knew that I wasn't supposed to ignore these feelings. I was realizing now, that I was falling for Ryder Henderson. But what if, he didn't feel the same way?

A thousand negative questions bubbled up in my mind and were trying to eat away at my soul. But now wasn't the time to think about them. I had to support Ryder and these stupid thoughts could only bring me down.

Ryder was called up into the treatment room. I was in there the whole time, as a nurse. But moreover, I was there to let him know that I was there for him.

It was his first chemotherapy session today and I must say that he cooperated really well. It clawed at my heart to think that more chemotherapy will weaken him more. I mean, it was supposed to cure his cancer, but I couldn't imagine a weak Ryder. Chemotherapy will also tend to him losing his hair. Those beautiful bangs formed an important part of his gorgeous features.

I couldn't imagine him like that. I wanted a happy and healthy Ryder. I couldn't complain though. The treatment was supposed to help him.
And no matter how he looked like after the treatment, he'd always be the beautiful Ryder Henderson to me.

Ryder had to rest for some time after his treatment. He was going to be discharged tomorrow.

I wanted to stay with him at the Hospital, so I went home to grab some stuff for the night.

Packing my essentials into a small bag, I decided to take a book with me.

I rummaged through my books when I came across - 'The Story Of My Life' by Helen Keller.

It was a beautiful book. It portrayed her struggle, her hard work and her hope. It explained the story of her life in an inspirational way.

This got me thinking that Ryder's story should be known to people too. Even he was struggling. He lacked hope in the beginning, but now he was ready to fight against cancer. It also wasn't really difficult to notice that he must have had a difficult past.

Maybe his story could give hope to people. Maybe his story could inspire them. Maybe his story could help them Live.

When Ryder would be ready to tell me about his life, his past, I would definitely put it down in a book. I didn't want his struggle to go unnoticed, when it could help millions of people.

Obviously, I would ask him first before writing a book on him. But, I really wanted people to know about the imperfect yet inspirational life of this amazing boy called Ryder Henderson.

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