I didn't hear the rest sentence as George turned the TV off. I instantly turned to face him. "Do you anything about this?" I asked him, anger was clear in my voice.
I couldn't believe Zoe, my neighbour and the girl who did nothing was kidnapped and a tiny little voice was telling me that Vitale knows everything about it.

If something happens to her, I swear to God I will kill him. I easily let go the subject itf my step mom simply because I didn't care.

Call me selfish, but I didn't care about her. I cared, past tense. When she first married my dad she was good but when he died she showed her true colours. Calling me names was a thing but slapping me hard or with a stick was another.

To put it together, I hate her.

But, I cared about Zoe and if Vitale had abducted her then I would definitely fight to let her go. She didn't deserve this.

But, why will he do this? A voice in my back asked.

All my thoughts vanished when I saw George visibly get pale and tensed. I narrowed my eyes at him before my expression turned into a glare.

"George?" I questioned. Vitale better not kidnap her.

No, Chanel. We did not do it."  George shook his head and then asked curiously, "Why do you care, anyways?"

"Of course I will care," I said, irritated that he even asked the question, "she is my friend!"

"Ohh..wait..what?" He nearly shouted that made Maria and me to flinch.


Maria was surprisingly quiet and turned to look at her. I felt pity when I looked into her eyes. Sadness were written all over it. It was no secret that Maria didn't prefer his brother's lifestyle.

But couldn't do anything either. It sucks big time.

I heard the sound of a door slam shut and look around to see that George was nowhere near.

Where the hell is he?

"He went out." Maria replied. I looked at her with confusion, wondering what she was talking about and then realized that I said my thought aloud.

I nodded my head and said a simple,"oh." After that silence followed. I was left with my own thoughts and Maria with her own.

I leaned deeper into the couch and tried to clear my head but it was of no use.

I wondered why George looked so surprise when he found out Zoe was my friend.

Bet, he didn't know that they kidnap a friend of mine, I thought bitterly.

I pray that they do not harm Zoe, I thought as I let out a yawn.

I felt my eyes getting heavier and it was my cue to sleep.

I again yawned when the door to the room opened and I froze. I saw Vitale entering the room while I was still yawning.

Yes. My mouth was wide opened and eyes were all watery and I bet my nose was like looking a balloon too.

And, Vitale saw me like that.

What a great beauty thy Chanel is! Amen.

I instantly sat straight and rubbed my eyea. All traces of sleep were long gone.

"Pack your bags." Vitale ordered. I stared at him in confusion.

"What?" I asked.

"I said pack your bags. You are coming with me."


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