My youth. My youth is yours. The truth so loud you can't ignore.

Sorry, but I need to tell that I love Troye Sivan <3.

His song youth is just ahdddddssoshdjdhsfhfhujj *dies*

Lol. Okay anyways, Happy reading :)



There were not many embarrassing moments in my life. But when there were, I tend to never forget it.

Like when, Jimmy the next door neighbour had come to know about my five-year-old-self having a crush on him.

It was so embarrassing. But when I cried in Vitale's arm, it didn't seem like anything to be ashamed about. Because crying in his arms were more embarrassing.

I wish I could do something to undo it but the thing was done. I let out a sigh and stared at the TV, ignoring the babbling of Maria and George. They both fights like there was no tomorrow and even though it was cute to see, it annoys the hell out of whoever experiences it.

And did I mention that they both knows more slang words than


"Why don't you go and fuçk yourself?" Maria snapped at last when she didn't have any more insults.

"Why, I will gladly. It's better than fùcking you!"


"You dumb ass! I will kill you, where the hell is the gun?" Maria roared and I cringed at the sound. It felt like my ear drums had torn apart.

"If you guys keep fighting, then I will just go to my room." I said but they both choose to ignore me.

I took the remote and pressed the volume up button before surfing through different channels. I sighed impatiently when I found all the channel with boring shows or advertisements.

Damn the TV.

I was about to off the TV when something caught my attention.

It seems like crimes in NYC would not stop. After Chanel and Crystal Jarvis. Last night, Zoe Graham was reported missing. This 18 year old girl-

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