Chapter Twenty Five

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Scott's P.O.V

Shit, shit, shit.

"I didn't actually think she'd say yes," I say to Liam who is casually laying on my bed as I zoom around my room trying to figure out what to wear. I should've planned this out better, what the hell was I thinking?

"What if this is just a pity date for her!?" I say to Liam as I frantically run my hands through my hair. "What if-"

"Snap out of it man!" Liam stands up and slaps me. "Stop acting like a little bitch, put on some pants, and get out of here."

I breathe heavily and nod my head at him. I've planned dates on the fly before, I can do the same with this one. I was so eager to ask Abby out that I completely forgot that I was actually trying to wait to ask her out until I knew exactly what I was doing. Things just never work out in my favor do they.

I might as well get going though so I can pick Abby up from her dorm.

"Thanks man," I say giving Liam a pat on the shoulder before heading towards the door.

"Um dude," I hear Liam say so I turn around and look at him. "Pants."

Oh, right. I'm still in my boxers.


Abby's P.O.V

"T-this is perfect," I say turning to Becca and smiling brightly. Surprisingly I'm not freaking out about this as much as I thought I would be. I hope all is going well with Scott.

Becca has chosen a blue sundress with a leather jacket over it, one of her beanies, and a fairly new pair of converse. She says she wants me to be me on this date, so instead of making me wear contacts I get to keep my beloved glasses.

I really wish he could've waited until I was off of these crutches to ask me on a date. But either way this is probably just a pity date to make up for everything that happened with Parker. Now that I think about it maybe this isn't the best idea...

Before I have the chance to tell Becca I want to back out, there's a loud banging on her dorm door. I turn towards Becca with terror evident in my eyes but she just looks at me with amusement.

"You're safety is in the left pocket of your jacket," she says as I furrow my eyebrows wondering what she means. She just shakes her head at me before walking towards the door to answer it. I look over and see a very sweaty disheveled Scott leaning against the door frame.

"I.. Phew...I forgot she wasn't at our dorm room and I didn't remember until I had walked all the way there," I hear him say in between breathes. "So I had to run all the way across campus so I wouldn't be late."

"Not to rain on your parade or anything Scott," Becca says laughing. "But you're like fifteen minutes early."

"It's A-alright," I say walking over towards the two of them and standing next to Becca. "I'm ready."

I hear Scott take a deep breath and when I look up at him he's grinning down at me, so I grin back. We just stand there and stare at eachother for what feels like forever.

"Alright you two," Becca says shoving me out the dorr towards Scott. "If you don't leave now you never will, and I want Godchildren so bye."

With one last wink Becca slams the door in our faces, leaving Scott and I standing there with stunned looks on our faces.

I look at Scott to see that he's wearing skinny jeans with a blue button down and a black tie. But his tie definitely isn't tied the right way. How is it that men don't understand how to tie a tie? Deciding that I should probably help him to save some embarrssment, I walk up to him and reach towards his tie.

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